P A M P E R S E S S I O N:

Pamper sessions, those evenings that you need to just be lazy and ignore everything other than your own personal comfort and presentation, so really the best kind of evenings. These are evenings, or days that I think need to happen around once a month, they are a great form of relaxation and normally fix up all those things that need a little at home nipping and tucking.

So I thought I would bring you some tips to make these times even better, wether you pamper alone, or with friends, significant other or some family members. There are so many things that you can do from the comfort of your own home to make yourself feel a bit more glamorous and the ultimate relaxation.


S H E E T M A S K S:

Before the end of last year, I had never even heard of sheet masks, let alone used one, but now I feel like they have become so popular in the beauty community as a timed treatment that is mess free and easy to use. I have been loving sheet masks, typically for their hydration, but some are targeted on anti-ageing, wrinkle prevention and brightening. There are some as well shaped for under the eyes with others being for the entire face. I think these are so easy and so much less mess than a traditional face mask, no more questions of ‘do I have too much on’ or ‘is there not enough on’ sheet masks are so simple, there’s no extra thinking involved.


O V E R N I G H T M A S K:

As lovely as the sheet masks are, why not add a little something extra. Overnight masks are perfect if you are truly strapped for time, and cannot fit in sitting around waiting for your mask to dry and washing or peeling it off. An overnight mask is normally aimed at hydration, but I have recently discovered one from Skinstitut, that is designed as a peel, but can be used as an overnight mask, targeting dead skin and removing only the dead skin, whilst leaving the healthy skin. There is something so efficient about an overnight mask!


E Y E C R E A M:

As much as I love both my sheet, peel and traditional masks, an area that is often neglected is the under eye area, that often goes un-noticed. While I hope that you are using some form of skin care to treat under eyes as a part of a more frequent skincare routine, I understand this is not the case for all. I recommend using a hydrating and cooling eye cream to help with wrinkles, darkness and dullness, also I think there is no nicer feeling than a cool roller on my under eyes!



P E D I C U R E:

While painting toe nails at home is nothing new, there is a new way to improve the texture and appearance of your feet as if you were having a professional pedicure! This ‘Wet or Dry Foot File’ device from Scholl is the perfect device for at home pampering, meaning that your glass of wine does’t have to come with you to the nail salon. Pairing this product with Scholl’s other invocation the battery operated¬†‘Velvet Smooth Nail System’ and your favourite nail polish will mean that nobody will know that your pedicure was done at home and not in a salon. I have been loving both, especially considering that the ‘Wet or Dry Foot File’ can be used in the bath, an even better excuse to soak in the tub for longer.


N A I L C A R E:

Nail care goes a bit further than just trimming and painting nails, nails need a bit of extra loving if you treat yours anything like the way I treat mine. Constantly painting nails may look pretty, but they do need some help if they are being used so often. I have been loving coconut oil and just rubbing that into my cuticles or even specific cuticle oil are great for helping and a keratin treatment from Revitanail is another item I have been loving, keratin is something that feels a lot of love from the beauty community for various uses, and I have been loving it for my nails!


T E E T H W H I T E N I N G:

I have always struggled with discoloured teeth and while they are not stark yellow, it is always something that has bothered me, but I have also struggled to find anything in the affordable market that does help. I enjoy things that are quick and effective and that is why I have been loving the new ‘Diamond Series’ range from White & Glo, a series of products designed to make teeth whitening affordable and with fast results. Another product I have tried with reasonable success is the Oral B whitening strips, but I found those more time consuming and less comfortable.


M O I S T U R I S E R:

Facial moisturising is something I do daily, body moisturising is not the same, I would love to say that I do as often, but sadly not. I love my fake tan, but I do not love the up keep, I have moisturising my body, purely out of being lazy, so enter the Vaseline spray moisturiser range, I have used a couple from the range, and loved them all. They are all spray formulas, but they all work very similarly and I love how quickly it absorbs into my skin and doesn’t leave any residue, meaning the least amount of effort possible, my kind of skincare.



E Y E L A S H E S:

This is only a little piece of the whole face and a small aspect of a pamper session, but curling eyelashes are one great way to add a little something to your look. I have never been a big fan of curling my eyelashes, due to the same reasons as above, laziness. However, I have been loving the Shu Uemura eyelash curler which has been highly hyped over the yeas, and I totally understand why, I don’t completely know why it is different to other eye lash curlers I have used, but I love it and notice a difference in my mascara application when my lashes have been curled.


S P R I T Z:

A new beauty favourite has been products in the form of sprays, I don’t know why, but everything seems more relaxing and luxurious when it’s in a spray form, just me? Regardless I have currently have aromatherapy, toners and even water in spray forms, not including my makeup related sprays. This is a great way of adding some hydration to the skin without overwhelming the skin. While a water in a pressurised spray form may seem excessive, it sure does feel nice.



S U P P L E M E N T S:

Supplements similar to the eye cream are something that should be more often than monthly in order to be effective, but if not always have to start some where! I have been attempting to take a hair, skin and nails supplement for the majority of this year as I have heard good things from those who use them, as they support collagen production and are full of ingredients that assist with healthy growth of hair, skin and nails, which is exactly what I need! There are liquid forms such as the one from Swisse, capsule versions or even chewable versions.


If you have made it this far I hope you took something away from my pamper session tips and tricks and maybe learnt about some new types of products or specific products to give a try next time you need a bit of TLC! As always thank you very much for reading, and if you have any questions ask away, I try to answer every one. Love to you x

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