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Another month has come and gone and there have been some new products I have been loving and some old products that have been rediscovered in my collection. I hope you enjoy my favourites this month, there is a mixture of beauty, skincare and hair care.


Makeup Forever HD Foundation:

While this foundation has been discontinued, and they have since released the Ultra HD foundation, which I was desperate to try out. I however decided that I couldn’t buy the new foundation if the old one was still sitting around in my drawers, despite not getting along all that well with this foundation initially I knew it was a waste to not give it a good go, before either passing this foundation along to someone else or using it up. I have been loving this foundation now as I have a better understanding of which tools best apply this foundation. I hated it with a beauty blender or similar sponge, but loving it with a flat top kabuki brush which has been giving me a luminous glow, without being an overwhelming greasy finish as I am someone with combination to oily skin.


Bareminerals Ready Bronzer ‘Skinny Dip’:

This was my first ever high end makeup product, which I purchased after hearing Zoella rave about it, probably around 4 years ago. Honestly it just sat in my drawers for a long time after first purchasing and increasing my makeup purchasing. This product has a mixture of warm and cool tones, creating a very neutral undertone on the face, with an overly matte finish. This bronzer if perfect to create warmth around the face, not to be used as a contour, but just as a general bronzer, also a beautiful transition eyeshadow, so keep that in mind when travelling. This particular shade is probably best for those with light to medium skin tones, but I do know there are two other colours in the range, with ‘skinny dip’ being the lightest shade, so hopefully you too can enjoy this gorgeous formula.


Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush:

This brush has taken a bit of a back seat for a long time in my collection, I became obsessed with beauty blenders and never really touched foundation brushes, because of my love for beauty sponges. This brush was re discovered when using my Makeup Forever HD Foundation, and since then I have been using it more and more in order create a flawless and more high coverage finish. I love my F80 for foundations that are thinner, water based or lower coverage. This brush does not soak up extra product as well, and applies beautifully. I find this is best washed using a dove beauty bar, rather than traditional liquid based brush cleansers as the liquid tends to get stuck in the bristles.


Skinstitut Laser Aid:

This is moisturiser style product that is intended to reduce redness, cool the skin and reduce swelling. Whilst I do not suffer from any facial swelling, I do have a lot of redness due to uneven skin tone and light irritation around my lower cheeks, which after taking my makeup off is often inflamed, so using something cooling that also prevents further redness is perfect for both evening after removing makeup and also in the morning before applying makeup as it creates a flawless base for my primer and foundation reducing redness and minimising inflammation on my skin.


Skinny Tan Body Mousse:

Skinny Tan mousse is very new to me and available at Priceline, but have never actually tested it out. I am often quite sceptical of new tans because I have found so many that I enjoy, but as always I will try most things once! This tan is a gorgeous colour and I think my favourite part is that it is the perfect mixture of green and red based tan, meaning that I do not look like I have naturally olive skin, because sadly that is a lie, but also meaning that I do not look like I have rolled around in Doritos. The tan applies beautifully and allows for a streak free tan, as most do and also lasts well after showering, there is no specific time frame that I would recommend before showering, but I personally like to sleep over night in all tans as it allows for maximum development of the tan. I have really been enjoying this tan and totally recommend giving it a go if you are after a new tan, available at Priceline.


OGX B5 Weightless Oil Mist:

I cannot recommend this enough to people with wavy or curly hair that struggle with making curls look defined, whilst minimising frizz. While this product does not entire encourage curls or define them more so, but it certainly does tame a lot of my unruly frizz. I have been using oil on the ends of my hair for a long time now, but found that traditional Argan and Moroccan based oils were too heavy to bring any further up my hair than just at the very ends of my hair. However, this product is perfect as it is in a spray form and is far more diluted meaning that I can use this all over my hair and lightly blend it through with my hair.


Thank you very much for reading, and if you made it this far I would love for you to let me know your favourite product in the month of March! If you have any questions regarding any of the products or anything in general please feel free to ask, I try to answer every question asked on this blog. Love always x


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Disclaimer: As a beauty blogger some products mentioned were gifted to me allowing me to test them out, however none of the products are a part of paid sponsorship, and my opinions will never be anything less than my honest opinion.


  1. How fast has the year flown by already!! Almost halfway through 2016! I’m currently loving the MUF UHD – i find beauty blender works well on my skin rather than a flat top brush, however on certain clients, the brush seems to blend much better. I’m thinking it may be down to skin type. Nevertheless, it’s an awesome foundation! DF xoxo

    1. I really never enjoyed it before honestly, but I have been loving it since I revisited it! Defiantly perfect for photography! Thankyou for reading x

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