Victory – BLC therapy is a skincare clinic that I had honestly never heard over prior to being contacted by the lovely ladies of the clinic earlier this year, and I am so glad they did!


I have always been a lover of a facial and massage, as I find them both so relaxing and always leave feeling rejuvenated and fresh. So any skincare and hair regrowth clinic that focuses on a holistic view of the body, looking at: skin, hair and scalp. The three areas are all utilised during any treatment, but obviously depending on which treatment it focuses more on certain aspects as to accommodate any concerns.

As a small insight into my skin and the areas in which I was interested to improve was mainly focusing on my un even skin texturing on my lower cheeks and my un even skin tone which affects the majority of my face. I do not have blemish or acne prone skin, but my skin does react quite intensely with redness very common. So these were the issues that I was interested in correcting while at the clinic based in Chatswood.


I personally had very little prior knowledge aside from googling before hand, and to say that the clinic and it’s delightful staff impressed me was an understatement.

My treatment began as a consultation discussing my skin issues, mentioned above, and also taking photos in order to keep them on file to be able to see the visible differences in my skin, whilst also using a far more intense magnification than the average camera, allowing myself to see the more intricate details of my skin.

Yunita who worked with my skin from consultation to my first and second treatment was so thorough in her explanation of the issues of my skin, why they are caused and some of the underlying issues that could be caused by environmental issues, deficiencies or even diet. It was fantastic being able to ask any questions regarding why my skin acts the way it is, and being able to discuss ingredients to both avoid in skincare and ingredients that I need to seek out in regards to giving my skin everything it needs.

I feel like the knowledge of Yunita was such an asset and has enabled me to better understand both my skin and and skincare’s both positive affects and potential negative affects that it may cause, this has made treating my skin so much easier, even after my treatments at the clinic have finished.

Then began my treatments with Yunita, the only potential draw back to the treatment at Victory is the lengthy process of the treatments, I chose to see this as a positive, as one to one and a half hours of lying on a heated massage bed, having soothing music played and being gently massaged by the BLC therapy tool, which I can best describe to you as a small metal paint roller. While this is not exactly the tool they use in the skincare treatment, this is how I would best describe it, while this may not sound pleasant, it is incredibly relaxing and has a slight cooling sensation, I absolutely loved the feeling both on my back, face and scalp. There is also a serum used with the tool allowing for the serum to deeply penetrate the skin, back and scalp.

The clinic focuses on regenerating the skin cells and stimulating blood flow, and it made a huge difference to the un even pigmentation on my face, and even minimised the appearance of sun spots on both my face and shoulders with the use of Vitamin C.

The clinic in Chatswood has a very private feeling and the entire experience is totally relaxing from the consultation to the beginning and end of every treatment. As I mentioned above the massage beds are heated and there is always relaxing music playing quietly. Despite being near a main road, there was no noise in the clinic, which made relaxing during the treatment even easier.

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Another credit to the clinic was the professionalism and and kindness of all the staff that I personally met, both Mel & Yunita were nothing but kind, informative and accommodating at all times. Both helped me better understand my skin and it’s needs and explained their extensive at home product treatments available for purchase in order to continue my skin improvements after my treatments had finished.

I cannot recommend that you look into the Victory BlC Therapy Clinic if you are in the Sydney area enough, they are based in Chatswood making them easily accessible with street parking available as well as being within walking distance from public transport and the local Chastwood Westfield shopping centre. They do offer free consultations of their treatments allowing you to better understand their goals for skin, hair and general health improvements. There website has recently been updated, is easy to use and gorgeous to look at! They are an award winning clinic that I cannot recommend enough and can completely understand why they have been so well celebrated, which you too will understand if or when you attend the clinic for yourself.

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Their website is below:


They have also been generous enough to offer my followers a $50 gift voucher for the clinic, which is a lovely offer, as both their treatments and after care products are so enjoyable. However, to enter the giveaway you must be able to attend the clinic in Chatswood, so either be based in the Sydney area or be able to travel to the Chatswood clinic. The giveaway is running on my Instagram from Wednesday the 6th of April until Friday the 8th of April, so if there is still time, feel free to go and check it out on my Instagram @faceofsjw, commenting on this post and including your Instagram handle will also count as an extra entry.


I hope you have enjoyed this post, and had a slight insight into the Victory BLC therapy and their divine clinic in Chatswood. Thank you for reading, and if you have any questions regarding anything discussed please feel free to ask!

Disclaimer, I was gifted both the complimentary treatment and two at home care products, but in no way was sponsored for this post or my opinions influenced, as always my opinions are 100% honest and reflective of my own personal experience.





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