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Mothers day happens to fall a little over a month after my Mothers Birthday, so I am normally thinking about Mother appropriate presents around this time a year, meaning that I normally have a couple of ideas left over for Mothers Day. I understand that Mothers day for some does not only mean spending the day with your Mother, but potentially Aunties, Grandmothers, God Mothers, Step Mothers and Mothers in Law, as well as any individual that may have filled the role as a Mother over the years.

So with all that being said with so many individuals being celebrated on ‘Mothers Day’ I understand there is at times some difficulty with knowing what to purchase for those special people in your life. I have a couple of different ideas for products that can be the perfect gift for any person and price point.

The thing that I love to do for Mothers Day, Birthdays and Christmas is to purchase a couple of things and make up a little box or basket of smaller gifts typically rather than attempting to find one larger present. Another great recommendation is if you have siblings, go in each other in order to be able to spoil that special lady in your life, as long as you can agree on what to purchase.

So below there are a couple of different products that I believe most Mothers would love to receive, obviously there are some gifts that may no suit whoever you are buying for, and may just give you some inspiration in regards to categories or style of products, but I hope this helps in some way.

All ‘RRP’ prices are the product prices I have personally found when researching the products online, these are not sale prices to my knowledge, and may very depending on retailers, so they may be best taken as a rough estimate rather than precise pricing. They are also stated in AUD, Australia Dollars, which will affect pricing depending on where you are situated or where you are purchasing from.

S K I N C A R E:

Truself Organics ‘Detoxifying mask’ RRP $24.95:

This mask is a traditional clay style mask, that sets dry on the face, that murky green ‘Shrek’ style colour, but shrinks pores and leaves the skin feeling soft and deeply cleansed. I find these kinds of masks make the most obvious difference to my skin, and I love this one. A strange comment to make, but to all you Australian’s out there, this mask smells like Milo in my opinion, so that’s a total selling point to me!


RoseHip Plus ‘Rose Hip Oil’ RRP $29.95:

This oil has been a relatively long term favourite of mine, and I really reccomend it for any skin type, it adds so much moisture to the skin, therefore making any skin care routine that little bit easier. Most Mothers, and anyone in general would always love to shorten the amount of time spent on skincare, so I think that this is a great addition to any Mother’s Day gift! Also an Australian owned brand, and an organic product, so ticks lots of boxes!


Dove ‘Dry Hair Oil’ RRP $19.99:

For me this hair oil is a total oldie but a goodie! I had completely forgotten that I even owned this product because it got tucked in the back of my bathroom vanity and received very little notice, but after pulling it out the other day I remembered why I think it is so fantastic. Adding this oil to any conditioner in the shower makes an everyday conditioner into a deeply hydrating treatment, it is incredible and makes treating hair so quick and easy! Perfect for all those Mumma’s in a hurry who don’t have the time to be waiting around of treatments.

Body Shop Hand Moisturisers RRP $19.95:

These mositurisers are a great little convienant size to be thrown into handbags, and also make it possible to try out a couple of different scents. These also come in squeze able tube making it possible to waste minimal amounts of product. Another great product to add to a small gift bag or basket for that special lady. This is also a great gift for a anyone on a budget or as a small gift.


Victory ‘Care Complex Cream’:

Victory is a skincare clinic in Chatswood that I have done and entire dedicated blog post about, so please feel free to read that as I would completely recommend a gift card to the clinic as a lovely Mothers Day present as it is an incredibly relaxing experience, which is perfect for all those busy Mum’s.

They also have take home products for sale, and this ‘Complex Care Cream’ has literally changed my skin, I have oily skin that is also dehydrated, meaning that while my skin produces excess oils, it is lacking moisture, so finding the right product that hydrates my skin without overwhelming it can be tricky. That’s why I love this cream so much because it is so intensively moisturising, without creating excess oils, love, love, love this cream and keep going back to it over every other moisturiser I have tried. Perfect for all skin types in my opinion, and perfect for anyone that wants to give their skin everyday TLC.


P E R F U M E:

Quick disclaimer over this section, I am a rubbish scent describer, so my best recommendation is to go and actually smell the scents in person, as just about every department store has testers available.


Jimmy Choo ‘Illicit’ RRP $102:

This perfume is my first from Jimmy Choo, and is a great daily scent, rather than a particularly night time based scent or overly floral, it is a great everyday scent, that has a mixture of florals, but sticks to a mainly feminine style scent. See I really wasn’t joking about being rubbish at describing scents!


Chanel ‘No.5’ RRP $164:

This is a classic, if you haven’t had a whiff of this priceless staple then I suggest you do. It is just class, it smell like a classy perfume, there’s nothing else about it, feminine without being too basic, sexy without being overpowering. My Mother’s all time favourite, god bless her expensive taste, but damn it smells good.


Dior ‘J’adore’ RRP $99:

This was my personal favourite for a long time, and is gorgeously light, it has the ability to be worn during the day as I don’t find it too overwhelming, but can also be worn at night as I find that it has a sexy quality to it. I feel that of the three this may be the most universal and easiest to enjoy, the packaging is gorgeous too!

E L E C T R O N I C S:

Silk Oil Of Morocco ‘Heat Hair Styler’ RRP $279:

This is a heat hair styler that is infused with argan oil and can achieve the most incredible straight hair, on even my long and unruly hair! I really recommend this for anyone, as with thick hair that almost touched my backside, this heat styler can completely straighten even my hair, so I feel that this would work on anyone. I understand this is a bit of an expensive purchase, but upside you can borrow it!


C A N D L E S:

Read disclaimer related to perfume regarding my awful ability to describe scents.


Glasshouse ‘Rio De Janiero’ RRP $44.95:

Rio De Janiero smells like summer in a jar to me, the scent of passionfruit is one of my all time favourites and I adore this candle, all Glasshouse candles fill the entire room and I am yet find a scent I don’t like!


Glasshouse ‘Bora Bora’RRP $18.95:

Bora Bora is a fresh scent probably better for someone that you may be unsure as to what their favourite is. Not as intense as some of the other Glasshouse candles, this still has a clean, crisp scent that makes it perfect for any season.


Glasshouse ‘Coney Island’ RRP $18.95:

Coney Island is very popular and easy to enjoy in my opinion, it is a gorgeous sweet scent that adds a lot of warmth to a room, a great transitional scent that doesnt align its self particualrly to either Summer or Winter, but another one that can be used all year round.






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  1. Wow! I am so stoked to hear that you’re loving the Care Complex Cream, Sarah Jane. The cream does suit almost all skin type, even the most sensitive type like those with eczema =). It’s packed with hyaluronic acid (and the serum we use in our BLC Therapy) to help lock in moisture.
    THANK YOU! <3 =)

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