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This month was honestly not an exciting month for me purchase wise, as I have been spending more money on clothing than makeup, and aside from the Priceline sale I haven’t purchased any makeup this month, I already have so much that I have been attempting to be sensible. With this new found self restraint in regards to purchasing, it has allowed me to use more items from my collection that often become neglected.

While makeup has been a little bit less exciting I have found other products that I have been loving in relation to body, skin and hair care that I have been loving! So very sorry if you are only really interested in the makeup side of my blog, I have an excellent makeup dedicated post coming up next that I hope will be loved!


Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation – 3N1 ‘Ivory Beige’ RRP $50:

This foundation is nothing new to me this month, but an old favourite that definitely was tucked away for a while, but has been my go to lately. Australia is currently in the transitional season, moving into cooler weather meaning that I can wear a slightly heavier base, or even just one with slightly more product without worrying about it all sliding off by the end of the day. I love this foundation for a full coverage and long lasting day. My ideal shade is 2N1, but this one was a slightly misjudged colour match, but I make it work by mixing in a small portion of a very pale foundation. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a full coverage foundation with long lasting power, I have normal-oily skin for reference, but my best friend has dry skin and still thoroughly enjoys it, a sample is always a great way to test out how a foundation works for you!


Maybelline Master Glaze Blush – ‘Coral Sheen’ RRP $15.95:

While this may be a cream stick formula blush, I do not use it as what is was created for, it is a fantastic colour corrector for the under eyes! The bright peach colour conceals the blue/purple colours in my under eye circles, which means that I do not need to use as much concealer, reducing the appearance of dullness and preventing cakey look under the eyes. I have been loving this product, easy to use, and I personally apply it prior to foundation, but make sure that you set it with a translucent powder or the colour will move around, which isn’t cute! This product is a great introduction into colour correcting as it is easy to use, forgiving if it isn’t perfect and also affordable to purchase.


Benefit High Beam – RRP $45:

This is the cream highlighter that led the way for all other cream highlighters in my opinion, it is such an original and is still so well loved for a reason. The colour is a light pearl with a slight hint of pink and creates such an iridescent sheen to the skin which looks incredible of the high points of the cheekbones. I personally recommend it best with a powder highlighter layered on top if you want to be seen from space, high beam with any powder highlight can create the most incredible sheen, but of course it can be sheered out for a more natural glow of course, chose to wear it how you will, but I am sure you will love it like I do.


Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm – ‘Caramel Daisy’ RRP $12.99:

This lip balm is a product that I will without fail be completed on each time I wear it! I don’t know why but this tinted lip balm is so simple yet beautiful, it is a classic lip balm with a caramel taste, and a slight brown tint on the lips. The tint is very subtle and doesn’t become overdone with multiple applications, and does actually add moisture to the lips, making this product a bit of an all rounder. I personally love wearing this to work as I work in sports retail meaning that I typically like to keep my makeup simple, this would also be great for school students as it adds life to the lips without being too much of a statement.


Dove Pure Care Dry Oil – RRP $19.95:

This dry oil is heaven in any conditioner, you may have already read me raving about it in my Mother’s Day Gift Guide, but if you missed that one, then keep on reading. Adding this oil to any conditioner turns even the most basic hair care into a super moisturising and hydrating product, I love it’s ability to transform even the most affordable conditioners. The oil is also very long lasting as mine has lasted over 6 months, while I have not used it every single time I have washed my hair due to my personal forgetfulness, but it is definitely an easy investment at under $20!

Not Your Mothers – Dry Shampoo RRP $16.95:

I am a total dry shampoo fiend, I have hair that almost touches my bum, and it is thick and wavy/curly, meaning that first day hair is the total enemy! I hate my hair the first day I wash it, so I often involve a texturising spray, but my hair really becomes nice and more manageable on day 2, 3 and 4 of being washed, while I know that some people wash their hair far more often, I just can’t handle first day hair, so I normally leave it around 3 days between washing. This means that I occasionally need to involve a dry shampoo, occasionally is a total understatement, sorry for lying. This one from Not Your Mother’s is huge, and does a fantastic job of absorbing oils whilst adding some texture, totally recommend for those that suffer an oily scalp or roots, or those like myself who just resent hair washing!


Victory – Care Complex Cream:

Another product mentioned in my Mother’s Day Gift Guide! This cream is a skincare product that I would say has changed my skin more than any other I have used! I have normal to oily skin, but also dehydrated patches on both of my cheeks that feel rough to the tough, the texturing on my skin is the achilles heal of my skin, as I am relatively problem free aside from these patches. Regardless, this cream has made my skin so moisturised in comparison to how it used to feel is incredible, it has also helped brighten my complexion and made my skin appear more even as well. This is one of those products that whenever I use something else, I always seem to find my way back to this cream, and wonder why I ever stopped!


Sorry that these favourites have been a little short, but I already have a feeling that next months will be longer as I have some new products to try out as of the end of last month! Thank you reading, as always please feel free to ask any questions as I try to answer all of them, big love x








    1. It definitely was neglected for quite a while for me too, I tend to stick to my powder products, but have fallen firmly back in love with this one! Thank you for reading x

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