Beauty game changers is a campaign from Sephora Australia focusing on products that have ‘changed the game’ those products that did something a little different than others before. These kinds of products are always lovely to try out, as normally other brands begin to emulate the initial product.

Sephora Australia is focusing on these products, and I am going to be talking about what makes these products so special. While these products were gifted to me, this blog post is not sponsored, nor requested by Sephora Australia.

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CoverFX ‘Cream Contour Kit’:

This product really took me by surprise, I honestly wrote it off before I had even dipped a brush in, I saw how warm both bronzer colours in the bottom row were and just assumed that it wouldn’t work. How silly of me, while in an ideal world, this colours would be a little cooler, the colour selection is not impossible to work with. I find that once I set the contour shades with a contour powder, I find that my contour is more natural than when only powder is used, and that it is impossible to tell how warm the contour shades really are. The show stealer of the lot for me is the cream cheek highlight for me, this makes me glow like a disco ball, in the best possible way, applying a powder highlight over the top really brings out the cream and I am adoring it in conjunction with The Balm Mary Lou Manzier.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Brow Definer’ in Medium Brown:

I can’t be the only one that feels like Anastasia Beverly Hills can do no wrong when it comes to brows! I am yet to hear of a brow product created by ABH that hasn’t been widely loved, their newest offering is no different. A slanted brow pencil, I personally find that it has a very similar formula to the brow wiz, but the larger slightly triangular shape makes applying the product so fast, and easy to achieve a more precise structured brow with this brow pencil. I have never been able to apply a brow product so quickly as this brow definer, I haven’t touched anything else since using this product.


Makeup Forever ‘Ultra HD foundation’:

This MUFE foundation is probably what I was most excited to try from the whole campaign, as I have loved the original HD Foundation as well. This foundation is just as lovely as the original, and photographs beautifully as you would imagine, I really have no faults to discuss, it comes in a huge shade range, and I believe with the right primer and setting powder would suit any skin type. Perfect foundation for events and special occasions with lots of photography.


Tarte ‘Taretist Lip Paint’ in Bae:

Tarte is a brand that I always want to try out their products, everything they make seems to take my attention, but never my money? Curious isn’t it how some products take your eye, but never end up being purchased, that is Tarte Cosmetics for me! These lip paints are very new to the Australian market, and I need to stress that they aren’t liquid lipsticks, they are lip paints! The closest comparison I can draw is the NYX soft matte lip creams, a beautiful lip product, but does not dry to a matte on the lip, and is not transfer proof. With all that in mind, this product is gorgeous if you find yourself having very dry lips and struggling to enjoy liquid lipsticks, then this is the perfect alternative!

IT Cosmetics ‘CC Cream’:

This is a very hyped product that I had never gotten around to trying previously, but now have had the opportunity, and see why it is so well loved. I personally am more of a full coverage fan, or no makeup at all, a classic example of no in between. However, this is perfect as a work or school base, or even those days that you are after a little bit of coverage, but still allowing the skin to breathe. Another thing I love is how pale the product is available in, I have the shade in ‘fair’ which is perfect for when I let my natural skin colour peak through, without any fake tan on top.

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Marc Jacobs ‘Feather Noir Mascara’:

While the packaging is beautiful and the product is flawless, this is at best, a bottom lash mascara, while I enjoy this product, I am personally more than happy to use any mascara on my bottom lashes, that I use on my top. This is a tiny mascara, comparable to any other bottom lash mascara, do you need it, I don’t know that I can really claim that, there are other things I would put higher on my personal wish list.

IT Cosmetics ‘Confidence In A Cream’:

This was the surprise for me within the package, I had never used anything from the brand, let alone their skincare, so I had no idea what this would be like, but however once I started using this, I couldn’t be loving this more! It is a very thick super moisturising cream that I love using of a night time, my skin feels hydrated and soft with a slight scent of ginger, but isn’t over powering. Would definitely recommend this product if you are in the market for a really hydrating cream then I totally recommend this one.

Alpha H ‘Liquid Gold With Glycolic Acid’:

A cult product in the skincare community, and is very well loved by many. I can only say that I have used it once and did enjoy it however briefly. It is a night time based lotion that aims to brighten, increase radiance and tone the skin.




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