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Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Definer ‘Medium Brown’:

I one product that I could not have fallen in love with any faster, if I tried! This has totally taken over my brow game lately, and I haven’t been using anything else since I got this product, it is just such a loveable brow product that is so easy to use. The triangular shape makes application quick and easy and a defined brow is not an hour long exercise, thank god! I do think that I will pick up a darker colour next time I grab another one, but that is the only criticism that I can add.



Harlotte Cosmetics – ‘Naked Beige’ Lipliner:

This is the newest of my favourites, but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been well loved. It is a wooden style lipliner in a neutral beige shade. While this isn’t the creamiest lipliner I have ever used that means that longevity isn’t sacrificed for colour, this lipliner often outlasts my lipstick, but I can handle that! I adore the longevity and colour of this product, and it is my first product from the Harlotte Cosmetics range, but after how much I have enjoyed this one, I have a funny feeling it won’t be my last! If you have used anything from the range, please let me know in the comments so I can keep it in mind!



Bare Minerals – Bare Skin Serum Concealer ‘Fair’:

For a while now I have been obsessed with the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer, but I always love finding new favourites, and after hearing some rave reviews about this concealer, I thought that it couldn’t hurt to try this one out. I am so glad that I did, Bare Minerals has never done me wrong yet! I love this concealer, it has a lightweight feel and incredible full coverage, I personally think that if you like the Naked Skin concealer and the coverage it provides then you will love this one too! Also, while still being a Sephora US product or ¬†Mecca Maxima product in Australia this is far cheaper than the Urban Decay concealer, so a total over all win for me! I personally don’t think that I will stray from this concealer, unless to try something new, because this is definitely my current favourite concealer.



Manicare Artiste Professional – Soft Focus Blush Brush:

I have had this brush for a couple of months now, and while I use it almost every day I never though to include it in my favourites, not sure why, but that’s going to change. While this product claims to be a blush brush, I personally use it for bronzer and think it just might be the most perfect bronzer brush that I have ever used. While it is not as a large as some dedicated bronzer brushes, it is light and fluffy meaning that it only distributes a light amount of product, rather than packing it on. I however really enjoy that it is smaller than the average bronzer brush, meaning that application is slightly more precise, without necessarily meaning more product. From memory these are the most expensive brushes in Priceline and run similar price wise to those in the Real Techniques ‘Bold Metals’ collection which seemed to infuriate everybody and their Mother, but maybe keep an eye out on sales and then snap them up, because they are so damn soft, the whole collection.



Boho Balm:

This is an all natural multipurpose balm made with no more than five ingredients, which I love because it just keeps things simple, and it is very obvious there are no nasty additives in the product, with honey as a natural preservative. While this is multipurpose balm, I have personally been loving this as a lip balm, to prep lips for liquid lipsticks, lipsticks or even just for days that I need some hydration. My only criticism is that I wish this came in a smaller pod so that it becomes a little more transportable, but aside from that, I love this product! Another thing that I love is the packaging of this product, gorgeous sleek and functional, big fan of this very new release!


La Roche Posay – Effaclar Duo:

I am not an acne or blemish prone person, at worst I have one hormonal break out monthly making myself very fortunate in that department, but I think my skin has a second sense of when to best understand the most inappropriate times for my skin to break out and cause maximum inconvenience. So naturally, fashion week is one week of the calendar year, my skin decided that would be the opportune moment to grow around five delicate blemishes on my chin and a huge growth on my cheek. This product from La Roche Posay was my only saving grace during fashion week! While this product helps to reduce the severity of spots, my personal favourite is how well it hydrates the area, allowing for minimum damage after the spot has reduced in size. I believe this should be used in conjunction with a spot treatment, rather than instead of, but I love it and my skin has now settled down because I have nothing important to be doing!



IT Cosmetics – Confidence In A Cream:

This is a dehydrated skins dream, completely in love with this as a night time moisturiser. While I find this overwhelming as a daily moisturiser, but for dry skin it may work as a daily moisturiser. I personally have been using it after a moisturising serum, and then this product as my night time moisturiser. I have never used anything else from IT Cosmetics aside from their CC Cream, which I enjoyed as well, so I am very interested to give more bits a try out.


Thank you for reading, I hope you have enjoyed this monthly favourites, please let me know if you have a favourite from May that you have really been enjoying! Please leave any questions about any of the products, or how I use them.



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