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Oh wow, it has been quite the break! I told myself I would allow myself a bit of time off after starting my YouTube ( – shameless plug) that I would give myself some time to just focus on that. Two months later, and I think that ‘bit of time’ has come and gone, I took longer than I would like away from my website, and honestly really wish I hand’t left it that long, but from the looks of things, so many of you have stayed around for me, which is just the best! So I may only be here, once a week, I don’t even want to promise that, but don’t worry, I will be here, this has not been completely forsaken.

Back at it again, with my second brand focus! Like my Weleda brand focus, Natura Siberica is a brand that I was introduced to while at the Sydney Bloggers United Australia event. I have enjoyed so many of their products since then, they focus on skincare, hair care, body care and various other pamper still products, so many essentials that I love having my in bathroom.


A little background into the brand, they were created in Siberia and focus on being a natural and health conscious brand, with all products being paraben free, choosing instead to incorporate ‘active organics’ into their products.

The most exciting development in regards to Natura Siberica is the recent launch of their online exclusive range brining over 100 new products to Australian shoppers via their online store. The launch includes 15 new collections which include products for face, body, hair, bath, babies and men, so a little something for everyone! You can purchase all Natura Siberica products including their new additions of over 100 products via their website the link is not an affiliate link, merely just taking the searching for you! In addition to their online exclusives, Natura Siberica can also be found in Chemist Warehouse stores in Australia.

I have five products from the brand currently in my collection, three from their in store available range, and the other two are online exclusive products.

The two products available exclusively from their online store are the ‘Reviving Body Cream Scrub’ & ‘Steam Herbs Foot Cream’. Both products are in stunning white packaging that is clean and simple, just they way I think packaging should be! Now onto the products.

‘Reviving Body Cream Scrub’:

While I love body scrubs, I personally really struggle to find one that actually scrubs my body, so many of them don’t actually remove any dead skin or any left over tan. However, this one is actually abrasive enough to remove my left over fake tan, but it isn’t uncomfortably abrasive. The scrub gently exfoliates but effectively which I personally think is the dream! It smells lightly like delicious raspberry, but does not have an overall strong scent, another positive in my opinion as added fragrance irritates many peoples skin, and is also unnecessary. This is packed full of herbs, seeds and oils, which give it a more natural scent.

‘Steam Herbs Foot Cream’:

Recently I have realised that the feet have to be by far the most neglected area of the body! While I am obsessed with skin care, and hair care, and do take general care of my body, but I am really very neglecting of my poor old feet! This is a nourishing foot cream I personally don’t find it ‘steamy’ at all, but it does smell slightly like peppermint, which I find delicious! This product is 98.9% organic, which is a huge plus, meaning very few additives which should hopefully mean minimal irritation, with maximum results. This really nicely hydrates my feet, and helps minimise any cracking or dry areas of my feet, making them easier to look fresh and nourished. This foot cream is perfect especially for this who fake tan their whole body, meaning that you can take this cream up slightly around the ankle area, which means when applying tan there is no patchy application or dry appearance.

The next three products are available from the online store or available in store in Chemist Warehouses Australia wide. The ‘Oblepikha Shower Gel’ , ‘Oblepikha Mask’ & ‘Revitalising Bath Salts’.

‘Oblepikha Shower Gel’:

This shower gel, is one of those slightly jelly textured products that to me feels very relaxing, and cooling. I love the sweet, but natural scent. there isn’t much to say about this, lovely basic style shower gel, I use it to shave my legs, who doesn’t want something that can multi-task!

‘Oblepikha Hair Mask’:

This is a moisturising hair mask, that when left on your hair for around 3 minutes, I love the scent of this and thick texture, mainly because it grips onto the hair really well, unlike thinner masks that I personally find slip off my hair easily in the shower. I find that a good hair mask is perfect for every two weeks or so if you are intending to maintain length especially coloured hair. While I do recommend this I don’t think this is the best product from the Natura Siberica range, as I find their body products the real jewel in the crown.

‘Revitalising Bath Salts’:

These are heavenly! I personally don’t think there are enough bath salts available on the market and I really do believe there is something so relaxing about lying in the bath and just soaking in something like this product! These have a very light scent and I find slightly discolour the bath, but only with a slight milky tinge, this is not permanent and will not disrupt your bath’s actual colour, only the water so don’t stress! I love the sensation of this product and find they are a fantastic gift especially for Mother’s Day or Christmas!

Well thank you so much if you’ve made it this far, and I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to get back on to the metaphorical blogging ‘horse’ I hope you enjoy this blog post and maybe even have a squiz at the brand and their range when you’re next in Chemist Warehouse or having a browse on their website, as I truly do enjoy their products, with my best recommendations lying in their body and bath products!

I will be back again soon, I promise! x



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