I have a new idea for a quarterly¬†series, regarding a post for every season, and the products that I will be taking in with me to accommodate this change in weather. I do need to preface this and please keep in mind that I am in the Southern Hemisphere, not the Northern Hemisphere, so while some of you may be heading into the cooler months, I am about to get a whole lot warmer. I am also based in the Mid East Coast of Australia which is clased as ‘Sub Tropical’ meaning that it remains above around 10 degree’s Celsius (50 Fahrenheit ) all year round, where I live can also reach at the peak around 45 degree’s Celsius (110 Fahrenheit).

So the reason for my brief geography lesson is to explain that more often than not, it’s hot, and in Spring and Summer it’s even hotter, so a lot of products are aimed at remaining heat proof, sweat resistant and retaining any moisture possible.

As of the 1st of September, Spring has sprung in the Souther Hemisphere, so I am looking to slightly change things up in my beauty routine to accommodate with a large increase of warmth in the air, moving from Winter to Spring. This time of the year for me, is more so about prepping my body and hair more so than changing up my makeup routine just yet.


Loreal Paris – Elvive Heat Protect Cream $9.99AUD :

This is a heat protectant cream product, that has 96 hours anti frizz, which I don’t know that I entirely believe, but I do believe that it helps maintain my heat styling and prevents frizz which is perfect for my wavy/curly hair. I love using this before I heat style my hair, and does not feel heavy or weigh the hair down at all. An affordable product as well so a total win in my opinion.


Indeed Labs – Nano Blur $29.99:

I have been using this as a primer, sitting underneath my foundation, and leaves my skin feeling so matte, and can apply any foundation no matter how dewy and my skin doesn’t feel overwhelmed. I love this product, it makes me feel so confident about my skin, which is perfect for when the weather is getting warmer. It fills pores, smoothes lines and creates a flawless base.


Clarisonic – Mia Fit $315:

What can I say about the Clarisonic, I myself was a sceptic, and did not see how you could possibly justify spending such a sum of money on a face washing device. This product has changed my skin and I cannot recommend the Clarisonic range enough! The device does not spin, but does gentle rock back and forth and removes every single inch of makeup of my face, leaving my skin feeling so fresh. Any cleanser can be used with the Clarisonic except for a solid or balm cleanser. I am personally using the Alpha fit because I prefer the charcoal to the pink, but I am using the cashmere brush head.


Skinstitut – Gentle Cleanser $45:

If you have followed me for a while, you know that Skinstitut changed my skin for the better. This cleanser takes off every inch of makeup, and works a dream with my Clarisonic. I really cannot recommend this cleanser enough and makes my skin feel luminous, refreshed and does not remove and moisture from my skin, it is the perfect cleanser for those with sensitive skin too!


La Roche Posay – Serozinc $23.99:

This is such a staple in my skincare collection, it is also perfect for the warmer seasons, as it does really add a matte feel to the skin, whilst also refreshing. I really recommend this to anyone trying to control their oils, while adding some moisture to the skin, which can be a really tricky line to wander. Also only having three ingredients means that there isn’t any troubling to sensitive skin.


Vaseline – Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser $9.99:

Ah my favourite lazy way to add moisture to the body, this is meant for the warmer seasons when you don’t want to be sticky or feeling like there is anything on the skin, but it really does help with moisture in the skin. There are a variety of these spray moisturisers, and the intensive care is my personal favourite, perfect for any fake tan lovers or anyone who spends excessive time in the sun.


Jergens – BB Body ‘Light’ $14.99:

This product is aptly named as it is like a facial BB cream for the body, it really does add a beautiful layer of moisturiser than add’s a gorgeous sheen to the skin, without making it feel like anything is on the body. Perfect product for an event or somewhere special that you want your body to have a little something extra. On top of a fresh tan, this product looks stunning on the skin and is perfect when getting the legs out for the first time in a while.


St Tropez – Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse $49.99:

St Tropez may be one of the pricer sunless tanners on the market, but this one truly explains the price point. I love the mousse formula, and it blends easily, does not transfer onto clothing or bedding and it is a gorgeous olive colour base. I love the way this dries easily, so that makes it perfect for warmer weather, so there is no danger of transfer during warmer weather, which can be awful during warmer weather.


Hylamide – Photography Foundation $29.99:

You may be sick of hearing me rave about this product, and it is featured in a lot of my selfies on my Instagram, but this product is incredible. It is a liquid illuminator, and does not affect the formula of the foundation. I personally prefer mixing it into the foundation, rather than applying it after foundation. It adds a luminosity and a glow to the skin, without looking oily, and even shines through when the foundation and illuminator are set with powder.


Physicians Formula – Butter Bronzer ‘Light’ $29.99:

Another product that has been highly regarded online, and I totally understand why. This bronzer is gorgeous, and adds a lovely slightly matte, with a satin style finish on the skin, with a neutral toned bronzer. I really enjoy the texture and the way it blends on the skin, can we also talk about the fact that it smells like coconuts and Pina Colda’s. Only criticism is that this product only comes in one shade, which is a light bronzer, so does not work out for probably the majority of skin tones.


Thank you for reading this post, if you have any suggestions of products that you love during the seasonal transitions please let me know in the comment section as I always want to hear what products other people have been loving! x




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