FOUNDATION: Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation.

I am a liquid foundation lover, there is nothing that gets me as excited in the makeup realm, as a good liquid foundation, I am always on the hunt for something stunning, with a luminous look to the skin, long lasting and a photographs beautifully. I realise that my check list is quite varied, but it just gives me more and more reasons to try out more foundations! My skin type is a combination of normal, oily and dehydrated, so my skin is ever so slightly confused is how I would best describe my skin, a little bit of everything.

Shiseido is a brand that quite frankly falls out of my price range majority of the time, this foundation really isn’t an exception, it retails for $72AUD, so in my eyes falls into the luxury/premium makeup range outside of that of majority of Sephora, and more of a department store feel. However, using this foundation, I feel like it is $72 worth of gorgeous liquid foundation, just to cut to the chase, I love this foundation!


This foundation is a liquid consistency, has SPF 20, comes in 11 shades and a build able coverage. The foundation has a pump which I would expect from a luxury product, it comes in a  tall frosted glass bottle, looking simple and elegant. I enjoy the foundation’s coverage, but more so how build able it is, I love a foundation that I can make as minimal or extra as I should feel like! The foundation sets quite quickly so I do recommend working in sections, rather than the entire face.

My favourite aspect of this foundation and it’s build able coverage is that it looks so natural on my skin, regardless of how much is applied. My freckles still peaked through, but none of my redness or discolouration was to be seen. In photo’s my skin looked natural, no appearance of ‘cakey’ makeup and no noticeable flashback. I found that it lasted beautifully, but I will admit I have not tested it in warmer situations, but for an evening makeup look or a day that you want flawless foundation, I know what I will be reaching for now.

This foundation does dry down to a powder feeling finish and I believe that if you do have drier skin or avoid using powders to set, then this could be the perfect candidate. I personally must set all of my liquid products, and have been using the RCMA No Colour Powder, which adds zero coverage, and simply focuses on setting the foundation, the two worked well together and I did not need to touch up.

The foundation also is free from parabens, sulphates and phthalates, so should not affect sensitive skin, and I personally found no irritation or upset from my skin, which I would not describe as sensitive.


Overall, if you couldn’t deduce, I love this foundation. It truly feels like a luxury makeup product, I feel like it really is that total step above my other foundations, and is making me crave so many other foundations, it’s an addiction that I love. This foundation is a build able coverage that I would describe as light to medium with a natural finish, lasts well on my combination skin, and feels incredibly comfortable on my skin, without any ‘cakey’ feel. I recommend applying this with a brush rather than a sponge, as one of the main ingredients is water, which will absorb straight into any sponge.

My only criticism of this foundation is the minimal shade range, while this make not affect me, it is always slightly disappointing to see such a fabulous foundation not available to all skin tones, hopefully more shades are added so more can enjoy this stunning foundation.


Myself wearing the foundation in the shade ‘Rose 3’ it is a little more pink than I would like, but definitely wear able, set with RCMA No Colour Powder. Photo taken in natural sunlight in front of a large window on my Canon 70d with standard lens.

If you don’t feel comfortable spending that much money of makeup, then I do recommend asking for a sample and maybe seeing if that works for you and your skin type, as foundation is a very individual thing and does not work the same for everyone.

Do you have any luxury makeup product loves? Please let me know, because while they feel like a guilty pleasure, it’s just so hard not to love such amazing product!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have enjoyed, I look forward to more foundation reviews, with some new releases coming that I feel like I need to usher into my collection. Please leave any post requests, as I love new ideas! x












    1. I think I actually used a beauty blender to apply it, but if it was a brush it would have been a Sigma f80 Flat Top Kabuki! Thank you for reading X

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