FACE MASKS: Hydrating Edit.

This edit is all about those masks that leave  your skin feeling so soft and hydrated and giving you a renewed kind of glow that can only be achieved from having deeply hydrated skin. I love hydrating masks, as I find that they are the most beneficial to my skin, and give no irritation and there is no risk of offending my skin or creating any further issues. Majority of the mentioned masks are masks that are able to be slept in, which I have a bit of a love, hate relationship with. Regardless, this masks are fabulous and I enjoy them all, some for slightly difference, so read on below if you’re curious!


Rodial – Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Mask:

This mask is a must have for me personally, I love the gel feel, which is attributed to the Hyaluronic aspect of the mask, which is also attributed to the ultra hydrating aspect of the mask. I love this mask, and really recommend this especially if you are travelling often, I personally love applying this on the start of a long haul flight and allowing it to restore my skin, minimising the potential damage when flying. I also adore this on a Sunday night, preparing me for the week ahead! A skincare company that I am very curious to try more from as I was so highly impressed by this mask! Probably my favourite from the five, and one that  I could not recommend enough to someone who loves their hydrating masks.


Trefiel – Anti Ageing Lace Hydromask:

While I am recommending the ‘Anti Ageing Lace Hydromask’ I think any of the Trefiel lace sheet masks would be perfect for a hydrating mask, but this is the one I have on hand. The Trefiel lace masks are completely saturated in a hydrating gel feeling liquid, and sit comfortably on the skin,  and then adds some serious hydration into the skin when removed. I find these perfect for Summer, and skin that needs a cooling feeling, and I personally adore masks like this when hung over.


Philosophy Skincare – Renewed Hope In A Jar:

A mask with a very confusing name, considering I have a squeeze tube version? Regardless, this can be ‘Hope In A Tube’ in my eyes! It is a bit of a cream and gel hybrid with a mixture of the two is how I would describe the texture! I love this product and find that it does feel quite natural on the skin, and does  not leave any residue on the skin, but still makes my skin feel incredibly hydrated, without being overwhelmed. This comes from the ‘Hope In A Jar’ range from Philosophy skincare which is a personal favourite of mine, and I also highly recommend their ‘Hope In A Jar Night Cream’.


Lancome – Energie De Vie Nuit:

This is a sleeping mask, that if applied lightly can be used as a night time or evening moisturiser. This is the most expensive, and I must say the most luxurious of the masks in this series. I really enjoy the feeling of this mask, it is very lightweight and feels very refreshing and cooling on the face. It feels incredible on the face and I love the way it feels in the morning completely soaked into the skin. This is something that I really recommend if you are willing to go for the splurge.


Manuka Doctor – Illusionist Mask:

A mask that smells truly delicious, it is a gorgeous product that acts as a hydrating mask, but with a delicious scent similar to that of a light honey. This is probably my least favourite of the five, but that does not mean that I do not enjoy the mask. It is a gorgeous mask, that typically sets into the skin and does not need to be washed off. I find that this is another one that can be used over night and left on the face, and creates a flawless feeling canvas for the morning. My only real criticism of this mask is that it does feel a little thick on the skin, and does have the same gel texture that I prefer in a hydrating mask, this has a cream feel.


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