This is a new series to faceofsjw, but a concept that has been well played out on various platforms. This is my take, affordable vs expensive, but with a catchier title, and gives the impression that I speak French!

This will probably be the shortest review from my website, as when comparing these two products there really isn’t much to say!

Today I will be comparing $14.95 vs. $36, and in terms of a mascara, that’s a lot of money! The first is the NYX Cosmetics ‘Skinny Mascara’ and the second is the Marc Jacobs ‘Feather Noir Ultra Skinny Mascara’.


I will preface this entire show down with saying that both mascara’s were gifted to me and I honestly do not think either are necessary, but if you are interested in purchasing a bottom lash mascara that was obviously designed for tinker bells lashes, then I do have a recommendation.

These two products are almost identical, they both have a long handled wand, a small tube of mascara and incredibly tiny mascara wand. Both mascara’s are ultra black and designed to be used on the bottom lash line, and are oh so very tiny. They are very similar in packaging and general feel.


IMG_6402.JPGSince using both mascara’s for my bottom lashes I can say with completed confidence that both mascara’s do the exact same thing, and I would never honestly recommend someone to spend $36 on something that can be purchased for $14.95, before sale. Both mascara’s to me are completely unnecessary, but if you do have your heart set on a ¬†bottom lash mascara, then I can say with full confidence that you are missing out on nothing by purchasing the NYX instead of the Marc Jacobs.


I hope you have enjoyed this short and sweet review of an affordable alternative to an expensive product, and please let me know if you have any requests for this series. I’m not normally this negative in reviews as I normally only review products that I enjoy, but I also think that it is important to discuss products that I would recommend to avoid.

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