TOP 5: Sunless Tan.

I like to think that I am quite the fake tan connoisseur, I have been applying sunless tanner since I was in Year 11 in High School and thought that the Dove Gradual Tan was the epitome of a sunless tan. Oh what I have learnt since!

The tan industry is a huge one in Australia and I think that sunless tanner’s are so hugely popular as they do not damage the skin, avoid any possibility of skin cancer, and like all my favourite makeup items, sunless tan washes off, we all make mistakes.

I have tried so many different tans, and I think my all time favourite formula is mousse, it applies more seamlessly, it does not streak as easily, it dries far quicker and typically has less fragrance than a cream based formula. I have selected my five favourite sunless tan products, all of which are mousse based, and in no particular order. There are others that I enjoy and have used before, but currently these are the five that I will be dragging into summer time!

St Tropez: Express Mousse:

This is the most expensive tan of the lot, and I now understand why, this tan adds such a gorgeous colour and does not rub off on clothing or bedding. I love the longevity of this tan and how natural the undertones are, it is not specifically green or violet based, giving it the most natural undertone, and not giving a green or orange appearance to the skin at any point. I love this tan and I can honestly say that I recommend it even though it is more expensive than majority of other tans. Keep your eye’s out for the Priceline 40% off skincare sale, and buy, buy, buy!


Loving Tan: 2 Hour Express Mousse ‘Dark’:

I don’t think Loving Tan could have a better reputation if it physically tried. This tan is so well loved on social media, and I completely respect that. There are two varieties within the range, the original body mousse and the 2 hour express mousse. I have used both and personally prefer the 2 hour express as it develops faster, and also develops slightly darker which is a total bonus on both fronts. The dark is plenty dark for me, but there is an ‘Ultra Dark’ if you are looking for an even darker bronze. This is probably the longest wearing tan from the lot, and does not stain on clothing or bedding, I really cannot recommend it enough.


Skinny Tan: Body Mousse:

This brand is new to me, and before using the product, I had never heard of the brand, regardless I have thoroughly enjoyed the mousse! I love the colour of this and it does add a very warm colour to the skin, slightly more green based, with little violet in it, meaning that it does give a very natural  bronze glow to the skin. I really love the longevity of this one again, which is something that I really look for in a tan. I also find that this one has really nailed the wear aspect of tan, it does fade very naturally and does not look offensively flakey when it’s in the latter stages of wear.



Australis: Perfect Match Mousse ‘Exotic Bronze’:

Australis is so new to tanning as far as I am aware,  but oh boy they got it right quickly. This is a violet based tan, which is slightly different for me, and there are three shades in the range, meaning that there is an ‘Ash’, ‘Green’ & ‘Violet’ undertone in their range. I love the colour from this one, and it is probably the deepest of the five mentioned, I love the colour and it is perfect for events or places that you need that really deep tan, this is another that lasts well, but I would say needs a  bit more upkeep in the later stages of wearing it, add some moisturiser and you’re fine! So those of you with darker skin to start off with, this might be perfect for you on a more daily basis! There are two other lighter shades in the Australis mousse range, so there are other options, which I always love.


Mine Tan: Coconut Mousse:

This is a hydrating based tan, and does have a coconut scent, which is very pleasant. This tan does add a very natural colour, and does develop very quickly! I have made the mistake very often of applying too much of this product as initially the guide colour is not as strong, but when this develops, you do not need any extra after one coat. I really enjoy this when I need to tan quickly and want something not too dark, but enough to give me a sun kissed glow.


Thank you for reading, I hope you have enjoyed this review of my top five sunless tanners, as skin health is something to be taken very seriously, sunless tanning really is the safest option! Always remember to use an SPF when exposed to the sun to minimise sun damage and the risk of skin cancer related to sun damage.

Let me know if you have a favourite sunless tanner that I have missed! Always love trying out something new! x


    1. Hhaha that was 16 year old me’s total favourite too! So patchy, and streaky and smelt so strongly of tan! We all had to start somewhere! Thank you for reading x

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