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OFF THE RUNWAY: SS16/17 trends

This post is inspired by the recent Kookai SS16/17 runway show on the Seadeck Sydney Harbour, which was a fabulous display of the upcoming trends in fashion, beauty and hair. The runway beauty was taken care of by Napoleon Perdis products and the hair styles were created using L’Oreal Professionnel.

Sponsors included Napoleon Perdis, L’Oreal Professionnel, Mumm Champagne and Fiji Water.

All of the gorgeous images are the property of Lucas Dawson Photography, and I think he captured the runway and behind the scenes perfectly.



There were two hair looks for the runaway, both focused around a simple ponytail, but with a subtle twist in either. Both styles are simple and easy to achieve with the right product and a bit of adaption to different hair types. All products used are L’Oreal Professionnel, available in Australia at selected salons nationwide, find your nearest stockist by visiting inputting your post code or suburb will find you your nearest salon stockist.



A ponytail with a natural looking wave through the length at the back of the pony tail, creating a feel of the beach around the wave, whilst adding texture to make it appear like a natural wave.



  • L’Oreal Professionnel – Techni Art Volume Lift Mousse $25AUD
  • L’Oreal Professionnel – Techni Art Wild Styles Next Day Hair (My Personal Favourite)  $33AUD
  • L’Oreal Professionnel – Techni Art Wild Stylers Beach Waves $33AUD
  • L’Oreal Professionnel – Infinium Hairspray $15AUD

All products used are no more than $35AUD full priced, and the hairspray is a total bargain and can be multi purposed to create a variety of looks, and is also used in the second look. At $15AUD the Infininum is a fabulous buy from L’Oreal Professionnel hair care which is a personal favourite hair care brand of mine!



A straight back ponytail that focuses on creating a natural dry texture, whilst giving it that feel of the high fashion pony tail that is currently so popular. This is the simplest of the two, and a  really fantastic way to give  straight hair that can often feel dull, a bit of life and interest.




  • L’Oreal Professionnel – Techni Art Pli $25AUD
  • L’Oreal Professionnel – Techni Art Wild Stylers Next Day Hair $33AUD (Used In Both Looks)
  • L’Oreal Professionnel Infinium Hair Spray $15AUD

*Remember to brush through the hair before hair spraying in order to distribute the product evenly, and then use the Infinium Hair Spray to secure the look.


The makeup and styling is really a gorgeous reflection of current trends in the beauty world, with a movement away from heavier complexion coverage and a focus on enhancing the natural beauty of the individual rather than masking it. All products used are from Napoleon Perdis which in Australia are available from Myer, David Jones and Napoleon Perdis stores and online website.


The looks were focused around glowing complexion with skin prep begin vital to achieving the look, yes this does mean lots of moisturising and that night cream, it is a perfect example of how your skin care really does effect the way your makeup will present on the face. Using hydrating products before application, but also of an evening will really help with the appearance of the makeup application.


The skin was the focus when looking at the models and the looks were all created with a definite glow from within feel. The eyes and lips both enhanced the appearance of the skin, and complimented the skin, rather than trying to distract from it. I loved the use of gold on the eyes as it it truly a universally flattering colour than anyone can emulate at home, and will flatter any skin tone or eye colour.


The lips were a classic ‘your lips but better look’ with a light pink applied to each model, with a light gloss over top, again enhancing the natural look with each model, but adding a slight wash of colour and plumping the lips with the gloss.



  • Napoleon Perdis – Auto Pilot Radiance Boosting Primer $55AUD

The right primer makes all the difference in adding radiance, so anything with a glowing claim will really help with the look of the skin.

  • Napoleon Perdis – The One Concealer $39AUD

Try using a shade one or two lighter than your skin tone as well, this will add brightening and radiance to the skin.

  • Napoleon Perdis – The BBB Cream $55AUD

The use of a light weight tinted cream and then using a powder foundation on top will create a lighter feel on the skin. BB style creams also typically have a more natural and dewy finish than counterpart matte foundations.

  • Napoleon Perdis – The Light Switch Luminizer Palette $70AUD

Highlighting is the largest current trend in the makeup community, and adding a slight artificial glow to the skin is a total must, if you want an extra glow try applying a liquid illuminator underneath the powder. For a more subtle glow apply the highlighter and then run a blush or powder brush over the top to diffuse the look.

  • Napoleon Perdis – Eye Dust Mosaic Gold $35AUD

Using a loose powder can be difficult at times, try using a ‘glitter glue’ from various companies or even spraying some water or setting spray on your brush prior to use. For a more natural and subtle look apply dry.

  • Napoleon Perdis – DeVine Goddess Lipstick ‘Electra’ $38AUD

For a more natural look apply in the centre and move the lipstick around as desired, or apply with a small detailer lip brush to apply minimal product, but still have colour payoff.

  • Napoleon Perdis – Luminous Lip Veil ‘Pretty In Peach’ $32AUD

Peach is another relatively universally flattering shade that is often over looked, doesn’t become to feminine like pinks can, so maybe give a peach shade a try this Spring and Summer for a slight pop of colour without being too dramatic. If brighter shades do make you nervous a lip gloss style product like the lip veil could be the perfect way to experiment.


I really hope you have enjoyed reading if you have made it this far, I personally love looking at trends that flood through on the runways and have especially enjoyed how easy these Kookai SS16/17 trends are to apply to the everyday beauty situation. There are so many wearable looks in both the hair and beauty, with many easy adaptations that you may individualise the look to your own taste. Adding a bolder lip, or an extra curl to the hair could completely change both the makeup and hair looks.

Let me know what your favourite look coming into SS16/17 is in the comments? I’m personally loving a nice sleek, straight back pony tail and a peachy lip look, I might even stray into something glossy after seeing how nicely these looks turned out! Thank you for reading!


Disclaimer: Whilst all writing is my own all images are not mine and were kindly sent to me to complete this piece from Two Birds Talking Public Relations who are directly involved in Kookai Australia. All images are the photography and property of Lucas Dawson Photography.

Also this is not a sponsored post, but was made with the help from the lovely Jade and team at Two Birds Talking Public Relations helping me out with some behind the scenes and product details regarding both the hair and beauty looks.

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