FACIAL TREATMENT: Clear Complexions Mosman

I was kindly gifted an experience recently at Clear Complexions newly opened Mosman clinic, which is their sixth in Australia, having three in the nations capital of Canberra, and three more in Sydney, Balmain, Mosman and Macquarie.



The Clear Complexions clinic launched in Canberra, and are all operated by Nurses and Doctors, taking a medical approach to skincare. Clear Complexions aims to treat problematic skin such as acne, pigmentation and ageing, but also has procedures aimed enhancing the skins natural beauty for people who have no specific skin concerns. Their medical background ensures that the latest medical grade equipment is being used safely. All your skincare needs can be undertaken in the same clinic meaning that the clinic is aware of all treatments and working in conjunction to improve skin concerns.



While I understand that there are six clinics in total, I have only personally visited the Mosman clinic so I can only comment on that clinic alone. The Mosman clinic has such a beautiful feel as soon as you walk in. It is a very clean and bright space with a relaxing foyer area to sit and wait for treatment. The treatment rooms are all very clean spaces, that are comfortably large enough not to feel too tight or cramped, which I have found at other clinics in the past. I loved use of white paint of the walls and light timber made the entire clinic feel more spacious and bright.




I had a consultation with Suzie the founder of Clear Complexions and she discussed the treatments, and their results. The consultation was in depth and made me feel that all my skin concerns and desired results were being considered. I believe that with any skin procedure regardless of invasive or natural based, that the consultation period is so important so that both the clinic and the patient are both achieving the best possible result. Suzie took images of my bare face from three different angles and used the fantastic technology that allows the images to examine the skin from underneath the top layer of skin. This allowed for a better understanding of the deeper sun damage suffered by my poor fair, English skin in the Australian climate.

The procedure I had at the Clear Complexions clinic was the Clear & Brilliant treatment which took about 15 minutes in total. Also a 20 minute preparation to the treatment as there was a numbing gel applied to my face prior to the treatment making the treatment more comfortable. The Clear & Brilliant treatment aims to target dull skin to improve brightness and even out general skin tone, in short it is designed to give you a generally improved complexion which I would never say no to!



The treatment is an odd experience to be best described, it has the feeling of a needle sensation being lightly rolled over the skin. While I found the treatment slightly uncomfortable I would not describe it as a painful experience, with the forehead being the most tender aspect of the treatment. While I would not describe it as a comfortable experience the discomfort is over as soon as the treatment is complete, with a feeling of warmth coming from the skin the main after affect.


The treatment was uncomfortable at the time, but the staff and entire clinic was designed to make it all as comfortable as physically possible, but I do worry how people with a very low pain threshold would handle the treatment. As it is only a 15 minute treatment I would say it is nothing to be worried about, especially considering there is no after pain.

As far as down time after the procedure is concerned, I would really recommend not having this treatment the day of or the day before a special event. My face was incredibly red the rest of the day which is a normal reaction to the treatment, but looked like a very severe sunburn that should’ve warranted a parental scolding. The day after the treatment I did still have some excessive redness in my cheeks, but nothing that some makeup couldn’t cover up.

Two days after the treatment my face appears to have no increased redness, but I can honestly say that while I haven’t noticed much difference in the evenness of my skin tone, I have noticed that my skin has increased luminosity and a less dull appearance. For a 15 minute treatment I am definitely impressed by the current results and think that with repeated treatments more improvements would be seen.

Overall, I could not fault the Clear Complexions clinic at Mosman and found all staff to be welcoming and professional, and discussed all treatments and were able to answer any questions that I had regarding the treatments, technologies or desire results. While the Clear & Brilliant treatment was not the most relaxing experience I have noticed an improvement in my skins appearance, despite some annoying hormonal breakouts, which are obviously no fault of the treatment. I highly recommend visiting a Clear Complexions clinic and having a consultation and seeing which treatment would best suit your skins needs and concerns.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, as I always thoroughly enjoyed testing new treatments and visiting clinics as to best present information to others! What is your favourite skincare treatment you’ve ever had? Let me know in the comments, thank as always for reading, don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already so you don’t miss any posts.




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