PRICELINE SALE: 40% off cosmetics.

The Priceline 40% off cosmetics sales seems to bring out the crazy in every affordable makeup lover. These sales normally occur about twice a year, and at various stages there are normally also 40% off hair care, fragrance and skincare all spread intermittently around the annual calendar. These are typically black spots for my wallet, and the mentality of ‘do I need this’ typically goes out the window.

In all honesty I have slightly strayed away from affordable makeup over this past year, with my wallet slightly expanding meaning that my love for more expensive makeup has grown. All it takes is a Priceline sale to  bring me back to where my love for makeup began, stood in the isles of Priceline starring at the endless options.

I have learnt a lot since then, and shopping a sale like this one takes precision, accuracy and I personally believe, a plan. There are a plethora of affordable makeup gems available at Priceline, some heavily hyped and well documented, and others go under the proverbial social media ‘radar’. I personally enjoy a variety of products and think there is something in the affordable categories for everyone!

I have sorted my favourite Priceline cosmetics into categories so you can shop with precision and actually walk out with what you need, rather than 43 nude lipliners, sales and all those people can do crazy things to you!

B A S E:

Maybelline – Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation ($19.95RRP):

This foundation is such an affordable stand out for me, and has an incredible lasting power, ability to be built up and does not have any SPF preventing flashback in flash photography, which I personally find a huge plus! This is a gorgeous foundation and my personal everyday favourite!



Loreal – True Match Foundation ($29.95RRP):

Like the Maybelline Fit Me this is another affordable gem, this is slightly less coverage and a more dewy and luminous finish, dry skin’s best friend, but with the right primer and setting techniques this can easily be made to work on normal and oily skin. A hugely hyped foundation for a long time, for good reason.



Loreal – Nude Magique Cushion Foundation ($29.95RRP):

This is perfect for people who want a barely there kind of foundation application, if you are invested in full coverage foundation, then this will probably not suit, but this one is a gorgeous base for lighter coverage days, and super quick and easy to apply, love the cushion format and how healthy this makes my skin look!



Thin Lizzy – Concealer Creme ($29.95RRP):

A total hidden gem at Priceline, I love this concealer, and the coverage is no joke. It is quite creamy and can become cakey, but blended with a sponge or brush, and this can be full coverage heaven!



Maybelline – Master Conceal ($15.95RRP):

While the Maybelline Fit Me concealer was long term lover of mine, this has taken it’s spot. While I personally do not like the tube packaging, the product makes up for it, I love the coverage, and this does not crease under my eyes at all, always a win.



NYX – Matte Setting Spray ($14.95RRP):

I love setting sprays, but some can be so expensive for something that is essentially glorified water, while I think that they are such a great addition and a vital step of my makeup, I don’t enjoy spending a heap on them. This NYX Matte Setting Spray is the best of the affordable bunch in my opinion and really does help to keep my makeup in place, you are going to need some serious hustle to get this during the sale due to how popular it is.



F A C E:

NYX – Wonder Stick ‘Deep’ ($19.95RRP):

Such an unspoken gem as well, this wonder stick has become an everyday must have for me! I use the shade deep and it creates the most natural looking bronze/contour to my cheeks and face, while I do not care for the highlighting end, the contour end is total perfection in my books and I really recommend this for a natural look that can be built up with powder products!



Loreal – Blush Sculpt ‘Nude & Soft Rosey’ ($26.95RRP):

These blushes are so bright and luminous on the cheeks, and while I normally prefer a matte blush, these are an exception that must be made. The two shades are gorgeous and really add a luminosity to the skin and a natural glow, I love that there is no glitter involved, only sheen!





Essence – Silky Touch Blush ‘Adorable, Secret It Girl, Natural Beauty’ ($5.10RRP):

Essence blushes are a classic staple and one that I totally recommend for anyone who is beginning in makeup and wants high quality products that are affordable, these are gorgeous! They are such simple colours with a matte and silky variety, personally both work beautifully.



Physicians Formula – Butter Bronzer ($29.95RRP):

Kathleen Lights made me want this, and even though I was kindly gifted this, it is a product that I will always recommend. It is a very light bronzer so those with deeper skin tones may have to sadly pass on this one, but if you are scared of bronzer and normally stay away, this could be the perfect entry point. Smells like Pina Colada’s too!



B R O W S:

Loreal – Brow Artiste Plumper ($18.95RRP):

This is a product I have been loving for over a year now, and really think that it is a must have! I only wish the shade range was larger than two! This sets eyebrows perfectly and adds a slight tint without being heavy or overpowering.



Essence – Make Me Brow ($5.10RRP) :

If you are after an affordable brow gel that will be just as good as some pricey options then this is perfect, another limited shade range, but still a fabulous product. I really think that either the Loreal or the Essence are two beautiful brow products that really help with any daily routine.



Ardell – Pro Brow Kit ($19.99RRP):

The Ardell Pro Brow Kit comes with a couple of other products as well, but for me the powder quad is the real standout, and I love how these powders apply to the eyebrows and add a natural or more dramatic effect depending on application.



E Y E S:

Maybelline – Hypersharp Liquid Liner ($17.95RRP):

A liquid liner that is easy for even those of us who are not naturally gifted at liner, I love the shape of this liner, and that it is truly black, a product that I need to restock myself with this sale!



Loreal – False Lash SuperStar ($28.95RRP):

This mascara has a primer on one end, and the mascara on the other, while I would personally prefer if it had double the mascara, you can’t always get what you want. This mascara adds the most natural and fluttery look to the lashes and really does make my lashes longer, add volume without becoming a mess.



Natio – Natural Shades Eyeshadow Palette ‘Golden’:

I honestly have never been this impressed in any affordable eyeshadow that I have used previously! This eyeshadow palette is blend able and pigmented with the perfect balance of pigment, not chalky or excessively powdery. I truly only wish that there were more matte shades, as there are only three in a fifteen eyeshadow palette. I cannot describe how impressed I am with this palette and I love the shade range, the neutral shades, the majority having warm undertones. Please go a swatch, and then thank me, it’s a total hidden gem!



Sorry for not including lips, lashes and brushes, but the sale really snuck up on me!

Please let me know if you have any recommendation for products that I shouldn’t live without in the comments, because I would always love to try out anything that comes highly recommended.

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