TOP 5: Cream Contour & Bronzer.

These are, in no particular order, my favourite things to contour and bronze my face using cream based products. While I do love my powder products and I am always sure to set my face using a powder product, I do love a good cream product as of late and love how natural these products look in my makeup, even if I am going for a glam look. These products can definitely be made more dramatic, but never look cakey or heavy, and that is why I love them! I personally recommend setting with a powder bronzer or contour shade for a more defined look, or setting with translucent powder if you want a lighter look.


NYX – Wonder Stick ‘Deep’ $19.95:

This is such an affordable gem, but I do have one criticism, I hate the highlighting shade, I wish this was just one giant contour shade. The contour shade is the perfect mixture of warm and cool toned, not being overwhelming in either direction. I love this for my quick and easy daily makeup, but can be eventuated to increase the depth or even just add a bit of glam. This also blends a dream, but that highlighting shade did not agree with my skin at all.

Available from: Priceline, Target, Ulta & ASOS (Online Store).


Cover FX – Cream Contour Kit ‘Medium’ $70:

I love this for the variety, while I won’t recommend it for the contouring aspect, adding warmth to the perimeter of the ¬†face as more of a bronzer, far too warm for contouring. I love the highlighting shade, and a super special mention to the shimmer shade within this palette for being the real MVP. I love the light shade for warming under my eyes, in between my brows, my chin and down my nose. The two darker shades are perfect to add warmth and dimension to the face.

Available from: Sephora & Cover FX (Online Store).


Revlon – Photoready Instafix Stick Foundation ‘Natural Beige – 150’:

This one goes out to my pale ladies, it can be really tricky to find contouring shades for either end of the skin tone spectrum, pale skin and deep skin both really struggle to find appropriate shades. When I am fake tan free, I am roughly a similar shade to Casper the Friendly Ghost – thanks to my English parents. While for some this may be a foundation, this is the perfect shade for those who have light skin and want a subtle bronze for the face, while it is not a cool enough shade for genuine contouring, it is perfect for warming the face!

Available from: Priceline, Ulta, Boots, SuperDrug, Big W, Target, Chemist Warehouse.


Nude Stix – Concealer Pencil ‘Deep – 8’:

This is the darkest of my recommendations, but don’t let the dark shade terrify you on light skin as it blends like a dream! I love how creamy these pencils are, and I do need to pick one up in a lighter shade for actual concealing. I love that this is more cool based on my skin tone, creating a more contoured look, rather than just general bronzing. The small nib of this concealer pencil makes it easier to contour the face and keep things precise. I highly recommend swatching these concealer pencils if you’re in a Sephora, because they are damn pretty.

Available from: Sephora, NudeStix (Online Store).


PUR Cosmetics – Cameo Contour Duo ‘Medium’:

This is the newest to me, and probably my favourite quite frankly. This is the only one of the lot that I enjoy both the highlighting and contouring shades and genuinely enjoy using both. I love the light shade for highlighting under my eyes, and the contouring shade for adding depth to the skin. It is gorgeously blend able, and came with a beauty sponge which I haven’t used yet, but am looking forward to.

Available from: Myer, Ulta, TVSN, Beuaty Bay, Marks & Spencers.


I thoroughly hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post, as these products have been my total favourites lately, and I think that cream contouring and bronzing has to be a favourite current trend of mine, it just gives the skin such a glow!

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