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Cover FX: Custom cover & enhancer drops.

Cover FX has really innovated in products recently, with things that I feel nobody else is doing. They first started this with their Custom Cover Drops, and have recently launched the Custom Enhancer Drops too.


Custom Cover Drops:

These are almost pure pigment and come in a huge variety of colours allowing a majority of skin tones to be able to customise the coverage and the colour of foundation or even be used alone. These can be sheered out to be worn as a foundation, or used as a way of intensifying a lighter coverage foundation. I think these are totally unlike anything else on the market.

Custom Enhancer Drops:

The Custom Enhancer Drops have such a wow factor, but are so much more than just an incredibly pigmented liquid highlight. These are a dropper system in the same bottle as the Custom Cover Drops, they are the most intensely pigmented liquid illuminator that I know of, I truly have never seen anything with the kind of intensity that these have.  There are four shades that are a illuminating sheen to them, and two with a more matte finish, all as beautiful as each other.


Custom Cover Drops:

These are so fab as someone who enjoys a dewy foundation look, but I don’t like to sacrifice on coverage and my complexion product. I also love having these as an avid fake tan user, they allow me to add a darker colour to my foundation meaning that I can multi use foundations that would have previously been to light for me. Probably not an essential if you are someone who does not tan or fake tan, and does not feel the desire to customise their coverage, a really clever product especially for MUA’s doing a variety of skin tones and wanting to be able to change foundations as desired.

Custom Enhancer Drops:

These are a totally unnecessary purchase I am sure, but I can honestly say these are have changed my makeup game more than anything else I can think of since I started filling in my brows. As someone with oily skin, looking dewy and glowy can be really tricky. However, this makes it so simple to add luminosity to the skin. I love applying this under my foundation on the high points of my cheek bones, in between my eyebrows and on my chin. I applies beautifully under foundation, and adds the most incredible look to the skin. I thoroughly recommend this to anyone who wants their skin too look stunning and healthy.

If I had to choose between the two products, I could not part with the custom enhancer drops, they are truly stunning. My skin has never looked better, and they work with any foundation. I have also used this on models as the HMUA for a photoshoot, and they photographed like a dream. Both products are gorgeous, and I do really enjoy having them in my collection, I really enjoy that brands like Cover FX have their eyes on innovation and creating products that make me so excited to do my makeup everyday.

Thank you for reading, this review has been highly requested by a lot of my readers and followers, and I think these are two truly fantastic products, and I cannot think of anything comparable. Next up will be my Holiday Gift Guide, which I have been working hard on!

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