CLARISONIC: Review & Tips.


Clarisonic cleansing devices are an investment piece in a skincare collection, they are pricey, as an initial outlay, but are intended to be a long term skincare aid. I had heard of Clarisonic before, and had always been curious about the products, and if they were worth the initial outlay. There are a variety of products in the Clarisonic range, and have more entry level products, building up to their most expensive and most elaborate products.

Since using Clarisonic I can unequivocally say that my skin has improved so much for the better, and that using the Clarisonic Mia 2, Mia Fit, Smart Profile¬†and currently the Clarisonic Smart Profile, my skin has become less textured, brighter, more luminous and more deeply cleansed than ever before. I will discuss my tips, tricks, pro’s and con’s for using a Clarisonic Cleansing device. While I understand that the initial outlay for one of these devices is quite an expense, but coming out of Christmas and the New Year, it is something that I highly recommend as I really feel that if used correctly, that it can positively benefit anyone’s skin and skincare regime.


Price range: $175-$349AUD.

Number of devices: 6.

Number of different brush heads: 8.

Stockists: Clarisonic Online, Sephora’s internationally, David Jones, Mecca Cosmetica, Myer, Nordstrom, Harrods, Feel Unique, Debenhams, etc. A full list of stockists can be found on the Clarisonic website.

Types of cleansers that can be used in conjunction: Any cleanser (gel, foam, oils, etc) aside from balm cleansers.





It spin’s?: No! It does not spin, it gently cradle rocks back and forth, not disturbing the skin, pulling or tugging.

It exfoliates?: No! All Clarisonic devices deeply cleanse, no exfoliation, and are not to be used with an exfoliator, aside from the body attachment on the Smart Profile.

It uses batteries?: No! Clarisonic devices are rechargeable, making them relatively waste free, and more environmentally friendly.

Is it waterproof?: Yes! Clarisonic devices are all completely waterproof, and can be washed under the skin, used in the shower, always convenient.



My skin is a complicated explanation, it has been on a journey, and has always been a source of insecurity for myself as it it with many people. While I have never struggled with acne or blemishes, I have always had dark prominent freckles on my face and arms, which has always made me uncomfortable. I have also had intense redness and become easily flushed, this sparked my love of foundation, as I once used makeup to cover up my skin, now I’m learning to treat my skin, rather than hide it.

My skin type is complicated as well, I was once intensely oily, but since improving my skincare regime, my skin has now become a normal – combination type, with a mixture of oily and dehydrated. I also have rough texturing on my lower cheeks and jaw line, which is intensely dehydrated. I have found a great improvement in my oil levels, redness and especially my rough texture on my cheeks.


I have thoroughly enjoyed my four months of using two separate Clarisonic devices and have had only a positive experience. I know a majority of users experience a ‘purge’ stage and struggle with abnormal breakouts, due to toxins being released from the skin with a far deeper cleanse being achieved when using a Clarisonic device in comparison to hand washing. I did not personally experience this period, for two reasons I believe, firstly I do not typically experience break outs, aside from hormonal breakouts, and secondly because of the high volume of water I drink daily, which in my experience is the best skincare treatment.

I have been using the ‘Cashmere’ brush head, which is so kind and gentle on my skin that I feel it also helped in regards to avoiding the purging stage for my skin.

I have found that my skin has never truly felt as clean as when I use my Clarisonic device, every time I was when just using my hands, I just do not feel like my skin is quite as clean. I love that the Clarisonic is waterproof and I personally often use mine in the shower. I find that using the Clarisonic has drastically improved my skin, and even has helped improve my confidence in my skin, and not wearing makeup.



  • Use the ‘cashmere’ or ‘delicate’ brush head when first starting, these brush heads are the softest, and will irritate the skin the least, build up to using a stronger brush head.
  • Drink lots of water, this is a general tip from me, ¬†but will help minimise the purging stage for your skin, and will improve the overall radiance and look of your skin.
  • Maybe consider purchasing one between yourself and a family member or a house mate, and buy separate brush heads, which will keep things sanitary, but save on initial outlay costs.
  • I personally find that gel cleansers work best with Clarisonic brush heads, for example my favourite cleansers are the Skinstitut ‘Gentle Cleanser’ and the Skinstitut ‘L-Lactic Cleanser’, both are gel based and do not strip the skin of natural oils, but remove every trace of makeup!
  • Don’t be afraid to give Clarisonic a try, it may seem expensive, but I truly love mine.



I cannot stress enough that this blog post is not sponsored, I am not required to create this post, and I have no obligation to positively review Clarisonic or any of their products. While I was gifted my Clarisonic devices, I completely stand by my review of Clarisonic devices and their results, I have thoroughly enjoyed using my Clarisonic and have gifted one of mine to a girlfriend who loves hers as well! There are really no down sides to a Clarisonic in my eyes, aside from the price point, which I understand does often turn people off their products. While I see the hesitation, but maybe look into Lay-By options or even AfterPay, if buying outright is a little intimidating, because I really recommend them as a Christmas gift or an investment in your own skin.


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