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Summer Edit – 2017

These past couple of weeks have been nothing short of boiling hot in my little corner of the world (Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia) and I have been struggling, my English heritage did not prepare me for this kind of heat, every Summer rolls around and it’s just damn hot! So I have compiled some products that make things a little easier to handle all that warmth, it’s not a definitive list, but these products have made things so much easier. Please let me know if you have any gems to make surviving hot weather a little more pleasant, other than air conditioning and fans, because I’ve already got both in place!

Chi Chi Cosmetics – Centrefold Lipstick:

This is my all time favourite lipstick shade, it may seem like a basic pink lipstick, but it’s my favourite basic pink lipstick. There is something about this shade that just works with my skin, and the formula is just so comfortable. This is a lipstick that I guarantee will be worn a lot during this summer, it just works for me, and is so kind on the lips that it’s easy to slap on my lips and I am good to go. Let’s be real, a good pink lipstick goes with every season, but even more so the warmer months.

Available from: Target, Myer, ChiChiCosmetics (Online Store).


RCMA – No Colour Powder:

A powder that everybody and their Mama has been talking about, but it is really my best recommendation for those who need a powder, but hate the feeling and look of wearing powder. I love that it sets my makeup, with no added coverage or colour, and definitely helps control oils, a perfect summer powder.

Available from: AdoreBeauty (Online Store), CameraReadyCosmetics (Online Store).


Beauty Blender:

This is a classic beauty tool that I think everybody has to have used at some point or another. I know it is a pricey little piece of sponge, but damn it does the job. Spray a bit of setting spray on your beauty blender and apply favourite foundation, and you have flawless, streak free and lightweight coverage, the added setting spray will also help with longevity of your foundation. I love the beauty blender for all foundations other than water based, because your beauty blender will suck it all up, and we don’t want that.

Available from: Sephora, Crush Cosmetics (Online Store).


NYX Wonder Stick – Deep:

I have raved about this, I have posted about it on my Instagram, my website, and done my makeup routine with it many times, I am not going to stop talking about this, because I love it! The is my go to regarding cream contouring and bronzing, I love the mixture of warm and cool undertones, and how quickly and seamlessly it blends. It also doesn’t remove my liquid foundation, and does not become disturbed when set by powder products, this is a affordable gem that I cannot recommend enough.

Available from: Priceline, Target, Ulta.


Skindinavia – Primer Spray:

This is the only primer spray that I have ever used, so I really can’t compare it to others. This one really does add longevity to my makeup, and I think it’s perfect for warmer months because it doesn’t feel like you wearing any extra product on the face, the spray formula is refreshing and it also helps adhere any face products to the face, a total all round win in my opinion.

Available from: RoucheBoutique (Online Store), AdoreBeauty (Online Store), RY (Online Store).


Skindinavia – Setting Spray:

Setting sprays are so well talked about lately, and I think they are such a great makeup step, and really help with us ladies who are oily and just sometimes down right sweaty in the Summer months. I think that this setting spray from Skindinavia is by far the best I have used, and really cannot fault it, it is cheaper than a lot of high end setting sprays and I personally believe far superior. There are a couple of varieties from Skindinavia, I honestly could not tell you the difference, but the original is just fab, and I’ve heard that the ‘bridal’ is even better.

Available from: RoucheBoutique (Online Store), AdoreBeauty (Online Store), RY (Online Store).


La Roche Posay – Effaclar Cleanser:

This is an incredible gel cleanser from an affordable brand available in Priceline, and is specifically designed for sensitive and oily skin, which I find describes my Summer skin type the best! This works perfectly in my Clarisonic device or when hand washing, and I thoroughly enjoy the texture and how well the cleanser balances the PH of my skin, without stripping it of an essential oils.

Available: Priceline.


Veet – Sensitive Precision Beauty Trimmer:

This is the cleverest little device with a couple of different attachment heads, that is perfect for trimming more sensitive areas, whilst being gentle, but yet still effective. I personally love using this for fine hair, such as my thighs and even my face! It is so gentle, but trims the hair without causing it to grow back darker or thicker like typical shaving. I think this is so fabulous for ‘peach fuzz’ on the top lip, chin and cheeks. While obviously very clever for Summer when more of the body is on show, this device is still perfect all year round! Seriously impressed by this latest offering from Veet, I think it’s just such an excellent alternative to a regular razor for delicate areas.

Available: Priceline, Shaver Shop, Chemist Warehouse.


Thank you for reading, I thoroughly hope you have enjoyed these recommendations, and please let me know if you have any of your own!


    1. I love the no powder look myself, so it’s a total gem, so affordable too! I love the primer spray for days that I need extra hold, thank you for reading!

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