Anastasia Beverly Hills Haul & Review.

Christmas 2016 saw my Father formulate a clever little plan in which I sent him a digital ‘wish list’ complete with links or where to purchase in store, and then he would pick and chose what to purchase. This is I think was quite clever because it allowed me the opportunity to ask for specific things that I previously would not have been ask for because they would have been too specific. So I luckily received some products from Anastasia Beverly Hills that he purchased during their Black Friday Sales!

I thought rather than posting a haul of Christmas items, that it would be more helpful to use and then review the products after having used them thoroughly than just saying how cute the packaging is, which is what most of my hauls come down to!

I received three products from the brand, and I had previously only used brow products from the brand, so it was great to expand my personal collection from the brand! I had the Glow Kit ‘Sun dipped Glow’, Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow palette, and one shade of the Stick to Flawless Foundation to try out.


ABH products are available from Sephora world wide, and the Anastasia Beverly Hills website & Beauty Bay (Online) to my knowledge, but have a google and I’m sure you can find the most convenient stockist for your region.

Glow Kit – Sun Dipped Glow:

These glow kits have been highly hyped online, like most ABH products, but these huge pans and variety of shades have created quite the stir, and I see why. These are a finely milled powder highlight in various shades of gold in this particular kit. The pans are truly very large, and can be conveniently popped out the palette, to be customised in a glow palette or put into a magnetic palette. I think the functionality of this palette is one huge plus, with my only criticism of the palette being the lack of mirror. Other than that the powders are stunning and ‘dripping gold’ is my personal favourite, I would love to try out more of the shades in the glow kit range, because this is just so fabulous. Perfect for an MUA due to the large size and functionality of the palette and powders.

Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette:

Oh internet, how you hype things up to epic proportions, and the Modern Renaissance palette you were no exception in 2016. One thing I can say, is that this palette backs its self. I love the range of shades, the pigmentation, the blend ability of the shades and the simple packaging. I find that the shades can be made into a simple everyday eye look or into some more dramatic, this has truly been my go to palette since I got it three weeks ago. I love that there is the mixture of pink shadows too to make it slightly more unique than every other warm, nude eyeshadow palette on the market.

Stick to Flawless Foundation ‘Cool Beige’:

I am sorry to disappoint, but this is the one product that I cannot full review yet, I still need to test it out further to be able to fully comment on. What I can say, is there is a huge range, including highlighting and contouring shades, the packaging is also gorgeous too. I love stick foundation concepts too, so I look forward to having a full review up for you all asap!

Thank you for reading everyone, I have thoroughly enjoyed trying out these ABH products, and there are many more that I would love to try from the range. Let me know if there are any products from the ABH range that you think are truly fantastic so I can keep my eyes peeled for.


    1. I’m glad I didn’t include it in this because I have been using it a lot more and have more of an opinion now. Full review coming! Thanks for reading Rach x

  1. I was just debating on Modern Renaissance to buy it or not, since I have read more about their glow kits than anything else.. I think I will purchase it now 🙂 thanks for sharing, love your posts <3

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