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Top 5 – Cleansers:

I am a skincare lover, as of about mid way 2015, previously, had zero interest. I then realised that your skin completely affects the way that your makeup application will appear. Without a great skincare regime, makeup has no chance of looking it’s best, and I believe that a great skincare routine begins with removing makeup and daily pollutants at the end of the day, without a great cleanser skin becomes congested and can have a duo appearance.

Having normal to oily skin means that I typically favour a gel based cleanser as they balance out my skins natural PH and oil levels. Those with drier or more mature skin may prefer more cream based cleansers as they will not remove moisture from the skin. As per usual with my top 5’s, I thoroughly enjoy all products mentioned, but if you do have a recommendation for a cleanser that you can’t live without, please leave them in the comments!


Skinstitut – Gentle Cleanser:

While in most top fives I do not have a certain favourite, this is my favourite of the bunch of cleansers. I love the strength of all Skinstitut cleansers, but this is best of the bunch for my skin which is prone to rosacea and dehydration. While I adore my Clarisonic cleansing devices, if I am feeling lazy, this cleanser alone removes all traces of makeup, and leaves my skin feeling clean without feeling as if it is lacking anything.

Available from: Laser Clinics Australia, Active Skin (Online), RY (Online), Adore Beauty (Online).

Obagi – Gentle Cleanser:

Like the Skinstitut cleanser this is the perfect balance between gentle enough not to strip the skin, but still has enough to remove all makeup on the skin. It is a gentle gel formula that removes makeup and leaves the skin feeling cleansed and is highly effective at removing makeup.

Available from: Obagi (Online), Ella Rouge,  Various Skin Clinics.

La Roche Posay – Effaclar Cleanser:

I have already recommended this cleanser for the warmer months, because it removes all makeup, and does not strip the skin of natural oils and is specifically targeted towards oily skin, which is perfect for me personally. This cleanser also removes makeup well, which for me is a must as a consistent makeup wearer.

Available from: Priceline, Adore Beauty (Online).

Go To Skincare – Properly Clean:

This is the most gentle of my cleanser recommendations, and is the only foaming cleanser in my top 5. I do not use this if I have been wearing makeup, as I do not enjoy it is a cleanser to remove makeup. However, if I have already cleansed my face, or used my Clarisonic then I will use this cleanser to refresh my skin, or even if I have had a makeup free day then I use this cleanser. I love using this after a day of no makeup, it doesn’t strip the skin and leaves it feeling hydrated and balanced. Huge recommendation for someone like my Mother who doesn’t wear makeup on the daily, but wants to feel ‘Properly Clean’.

Available from: Go-To Skincare (Online).

Antipodes – Juliet Skin Brightening Gel Cleanser:

I adore this cleanser, but even more than anything I really adore the scent of this cleanser. I love that Antipodes is a natural focus skincare range, and this cleanser smells like a fruity dream. While it is gel based, I think this would be perfect for any skin type, as it does remove the daily makeup wear, but leaves my skin feeling more moisturised than most.

Available from: Priceline, Adore Beauty (Online), Beauty Bay (Online).



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