PAMPERING: Post Travel Pamper.

Travelling while in concept is very relaxing, it’s often spent by the beach, in a pool or generally wandering around aimlessly, with no real schedule or place to be. While this is relaxing, and my recent holiday to Bali was entirely relaxing as it was spent eating and drinking in excess and a lot of time soaking in the sun, getting a massage, or just wandering around the local areas.


Yes, the holiday was relaxing, but as a light packer myself, I did not have access to my usual excessive skincare, haircare and body care products that I normally have at my disposal at home. While obviously this is no real issue for ten days, when on the plane taxi’ing down the runway, I couldn’t help but feel a little giddy about the idea of being able to slather myself in moisturiser and deeply condition my hair. So I thought I would discuss my favourite products to give that at home, but in a spa resort style feel. I have lots of recommendations regarding how to get yourself feeling nourished, especially if you have spent a lot of face time with the sun, like my holiday in Bali, Indonesia.

Biology – Oil Infused Bath Soak:

Bath’s are one of my favourite luxuries, I find there is nothing nicer than being able to soak in a beautiful warm bath, and being able to add something to make that even nicer is just all the more special. These bath soaks have a gorgeous natural scent and are infused with oil which helps to deliver hydration to the skin while soaking, so multitasking right?


Lonvitalite – The Ultimate Pack :

This set from Lonvitalite is so fabulous, it contains 7 different types of sheet masks is so luxurious and all products intensely hydrate and also help to brighten the skin. I also love the under eye 24k gold masks, they feel so hydrating and my under eyes look so much brighter after use. I love using sheet masks while being able to multitask, even watching TV or reading a book. This set for Lonvitalite was a heaven sent when I arrived home from travelling, but it wasn’t heaven sent, it was from


Available from: Adore Beauty (Online) –

Shu Uemura – Urban Moisture Hydro-Nourshing Treatment Masque:

Hair masks are another gorgeous luxury that add intense hydration and I always find that my colour looks more vibrant after using a moisturising mask for my hair. This new range from Shu Uemura is perfect for adding moisture to the hair and resurrecting hair that has spent one too many dips in the pool, and a little too long lying in the sun. This has helped my curls bounce back from being a little lifeless and dry when I came home from Bali.


Skinstitut – Glycolic Scrub:

This scrub is quite abrasive, so probably not ideal for someone with particularly sensitive skin or should only be used very irregularly, I personally do not use this scrub often because I do have slightly sensitive skin. However, this scrub is fantastic when used infrequently for my skin, I love using this after a couple of warm days when I have been sweating more than usual, but need to deeply cleanse out my skin and start fresh.


Nip & Fab – Dragons Blood Mask:

A delightful mask, that I even recommend for frequent flyers to wear when on the plane as it sits on the skin and delivers intense hydration ideal for flying. I personally use this at home and apply before going to bed, and then leave it on overnight, and allowing it to fully absorb into the skin. The glycolic ingredients within the mask add large amounts of hydration and leave the skin feeling less textured.


Pureology – Color Fanatic Multi Tasking Hair Beautifier Spray:

This spray is more an everyday luxury for me, as I love spraying it in both damp & dry hair, and it acts as a 21 use spray that gives my hair moisture, shine and also helps to detangle. I really recommend this to anyone with longer hair or anyone that loves to be able to leave their hair natural as I find it adds a bit of texture to my hair making it far more style able on first day hair when it can feel too fluffy or soft.


Thank you for reading, I hope that you have enjoyed some of the recommendations regarding at home pampering, of course you do not need to have travelled to used these tips, as sometimes after a long week and weekend, a Sunday night pamper may be just what the doctor ordered. Let me know if you have any suggestions for your favourite things to do on a pamper evening in the comments!









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