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BRUSHES: Best Of Sigma Brush Set.

Makeup brushes can be a little controversial, some people are believers that brushes are something you can skimp on and go the cheaper alternative, others are firm believers that they are one product that you need to be paying top dollar for the best possible product. I personally fall somewhere in the middle, I believe there are some affordable gems available, and other times I think you get what you pay for, enter Sigma Beauty.

I believe that Sigma beauty are some of my favourite makeup brushes, they have so many different brushes, with a huge vegan variety, a large range of cleaning devices and are continually launching more and more makeup.

I have been using Sigma brushes for years now and can honestly say they are my favourites. The brushes wash well, they apply product beautifully to the face and eyes, retain their soft feel regardless of the amount of usage. I find that they are affordable brushes when purchased in sets rather than individually, and that is why I am brining you one of my favourite sets from the brand, the ‘Best Of Sigma Brush Set’ these are essential brushes that are perfect for any makeup kit. I will being going through the brushes included in the kit, what I use them for and how you can multi use brushes to make them as cost effective as possible.



F80 – Flat Kabuki:

This is a cult classic brush, and has been raved about more than most brush companies ever will be, this brush has truly done the rounds online. This is the third F80 in my collection, so I think that already explains how I feel about it. It is a flat top kabuki brush with densely packed bristles, it perfectly applies creams, mousses and liquids. I use this foundation and find it to be staple in my giant brush collection that I couldn’t live without.


F88 – Precision Flat Angled:

This is a clever little kabuki style brush the size of any eyeshadow brush, it is fabulous for blending out under eye concealer, blending out cream highlighter or cream bronzer. I find that this is the perfect brush when an F80 is too large, but you need that kabuki style blending, it is small enough to get into small areas and the angled nature of the brush allows even more precision.


F64 – Soft Blend Concealer:

I love this brush as a multi tasking brush that can be used as it is designed to blend out concealer, I personally love it for setting the under eyes, or generally applying powder products to any small areas. Another great use is when prepping the eye lids for eyeshadow.


E57 – Firm Shader:

A classic style eyeshadow brush with tightly packed bristles that are short and firm allowing for high pigmentation on the lids. This is the perfect brush for packing on colour or an all over lid shade, a must for any eye look.


E38 – Diffused Crease:

This brush is like the younger sibling of the E40, a cult favourite eyeshadow brush in the Sigma collection, and even in my own collection. This brush is a gorgeous soft shape with perfect bristles for applying and blending out eyeshadow in the crease, this is an essential for any eyeshadow look and creates the perfectly blended eyeshadow look.


E34 – Domed Utility:

Applying intense pigmentation to the crease during an eye look can be difficult, especially when attempting to keep the colours in specific areas, I find that when using this brush it is perfect for cut crease looks, or anytime that I want to keep a colour off the lid, and just in the crease, it can also be used to apply colour to the bottom last line, or under the brow bone.


E21 – Smudge:

Liner with eyeshadow is a look that I personally adore, when using powder or pencil liner it is a gorgeous trick to smudge out the colour in order to give it an even more smokey, smokey eye look. This E21 brush is perfect for smudging out colour that has been used as liner, for smudging colour on the bottom lash line or even cream brow bone highlight.


Thank you for reading, I have so many favourites from Sigma Beauty that I thought this would be the easiest way to describe some essential brushes from their ranges, and how I use them. Please also keep in mind that all brushes can be multi used, eye brushes can be used to contour the nose, and nothing has  one use only, so always feel free to play around to whatever suits your look.

If you have any favourites from Sigma Beauty that haven’t already been mentioned, then please let me know in the comments, as I am always looking to try out new brushes, especially from Sigma!



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