FAVOURITES: Hair Care Routine.

Hair care is something I previously thought I could skimp on, while if you have every seen my hair, it is a colour treated very dark brown and lies down the full way of my back touching just above my tail bone. Having such long hair means that I have tried just about everything under the sun with regards to keep such long and thick hair healthy, it ain’t easy. However, in a world of heat styling and being colour treated, I have to be fussy in what I put on my hair in order to get the best results.


Only now do I feel like I have curated rotation of products at my disposal that I truly love and believe that these have made all the difference to my hair and allows me to keep the length on colour treated hair.

Pureology: Smooth Perfection Shampoo & Conditioner.

These were included in my 2016 top five products because I think they are just gorgeous, and have really transformed my hair into far more manageable, and have allowed me to minimise frizz far better than I could before. A gorgeous Shampoo & Conditioner system that uses such minimal product, and is also designed for coloured hair, which is ideal for the majority of Australian women.


Available from: Adore Beauty (Online) & Salons.


Pureology: Colour Fanatic Multi Tasking Hair Beautifier Spray.

I love spritzing this through my hair when it feels a little flat, and like it could do with a bit of a life line in between washes. I find that this easily adds hydration (common theme here already), it minimises the knots in my hair, and just increases the general appeal of my hair when I can’t be bothered with styling.


Available from: Adore Beauty (Online), Salons.

Shu Uemura: Urban Moisture Hydro-Nourishing Moisture Masque:

Leave in masque’s are the ultimate form of hydration and relaxation combined in my opinion, I love lying in a bath with my hair soaking in a leave in masque. I find that masque’s like these are a perfect way to pep up a look right before a big event, I find that they instant hydration and make an instant difference to the appearance of my hair.


Available from: Salons.

Shu Uemura: Urban Moisture Hydro-Nourishing Double Serum:

I have never really been one for serum’s in my hair, mainly just because I didn’t even know they existed, but with the same principle as serum’s on the face, a serum can be the most powerful ingredient that you apply to your hair. I have been loving this serum for some intense hydration, it has already begun to make a difference to my hair, my hair has been loving it.


Available from: Salons.

Keune: Repair Shampoo & Conditioner.

This is a recent discovery, but a total goodie! These are a gorgeous shampoo & conditioner system that adds intense hydration and does exactly as you would imagine with a name like ‘repair’, it makes my ends feel stronger and like my hair has more substance to it while still being hydrated, there is nothing I hate more than fluffy hair. It also helps to keep my curls a bit tighter and minimises frizz.


Available from: Keune (Online Store) & Salons.

Redken: Quick Dry Hair Spray

I strayed away from hair sprays for such a long time, I found that the old school hair sprays reminded me of my dancing days and felt like my hair had been turned to straw, not cute. I always craved a hair spray that helped maintained my style, but couldn’t be felt to the touch, but added some hold that I sometimes need. I was then introduced to Redken sprays, this one is just so different! It adds hold to my hair, but doesn’t have a crunch, ideal hair spray situation if you ask me. I love using this when I have heat styled my hair or have a specific hair style created, and it adds enough hold to help maintain the style but doesn’t require a fresh wash of my hair at the end of the day, hallelujah.


Available from:, Price Attack – various online stockists.

Loreal: Elvive Heat Protectant Cream:

Heat protectants are something that I’ve always swapped in and out of because I never found that any sprays or serums ever really blew my mind, however using a cream makes using heat styling a lot less static involved when I use a cream. This is also an affordable gem that smells delicious and really helps with minimising frizz when heat styling.


Available from: Priceline.

Oribe: Dry Texturising Spray:

This has to be one of the most hyped hair care products of the past five years, everybody world wide has been talking about this Dry Texturising spray, and it’s  a good reason, its a gorgeous spray. In case you haven’t already figured, I hate the feeling of first day hair after it’s been washed the night before, my hair just feels soft and fluffy, but when I add certain products, I can avoid this, one of those products being this spray. I love the added grit that this gives my hair and gives the ability to scrunch my roots and add a little something, something to my hair.


Available from: Net-A-Porter (Online), BeautyLish (Online).

Loreal Professionnel: Mythic Oil Colour Glow Oil:

I am a massive oil in hair fan, especially dry oils, they add so much to the hair without weighing it down. People always ask me how to maintain healthy shine and minimise breakage in my ends. This has been my go to lately, I find that it doesn’t weigh down my hair when applied to damp hair, but it does add a shine.


Available from: Chemist Warehouse,

Keune: Defrizz Serum:

A fabulous serum for those with wavy or curly hair naturally, that you want to be able to let air dry. This serum is still new to me, but I have been loving adding a couple of drops along with a hydrating serum, and it creates the most beautiful natural curls in my hair, and helps me avoid fluffy first day post wash hair, the devil.


Available from: Keune (Online Store), Salons.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have enjoyed this post, I have so many current hair favourites, and the majority are still quite new to me, so I thought I needed to share with everyone all my new found gems. If you have any hair products that you can’t live without then please let me know in the comments so I can keep my eyes peeled!








  1. Ohhhh! I’ve got that Oribe texturising spray but I haven’t used it yet! My hair is really fine and baby like so something like this is heaven for me. I need to get onto it!

    I’ve also been using some Keune goodies and I like them so far! The root texturiser is a weird but awesome product too!

  2. That Loreal Elvive Heat Protectant Cream sounds AMAZING! I’ve often had problems with heat protectant sprays after reading your post duh! a cream formulation sounds like the perfect way to go!
    At the moment I’m also loving anything my Percy and Reed, so you should definitely check out their products, my faves are the no oil oil and the hairspray

    Rochelle ||

    1. I love using a cream heat protectant, other than this one I’ve never been particularly impressed by any others! Will need to check out some Percy & Reed! Thank you for reading x

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