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TOP 5: Primers.

Primers are something that I once thought were a waste of money and time, but over a year ago, I discovered the error of my ways and have learnt that I adore primers, and what they can do to makeup. So, I have collected together my top five primers, ones that I adore, and find make a real difference to my makeup.


HOURGLASS – Mineral Veil:

Ah Hourglass, you are so spendy, but you are just so damn good. This primer has been hyped and talked about to death, but it’s one of those products that puts it’s money where it’s metaphorical mouth is. I love this primer and honestly have never used anything as good as it. It makes my makeup last forever, and minimises oils without feeling heavy. Yes I only have the travel size, but that’s because this primer costs as much as my monthly car insurance.

Available: Mecca Maxima, Sephora (US).


NAPOLEON PERDIS – Auto Pilot Skin Brightening Primer:

I have always heard great things about the Auto Pilot Primer, and I personally have been loving the Brightening version because of it’s purple tint, which reduces dullness in the skin and really adds to a makeup look by creating a fresh and bright complexion.

Available:, Myer.


JANE IREDALE – Smooth Affair:

Jane Iredale is a brand that I had never heard of before this year really, but I am loving a couple of their products, and this primer is one of them. It is really just nice skin in a little tube. It makes my skin appear blurred and clear, minimising fine lines, pores and everything else you’re trying to cover up, I feel like I use less foundation when using this primer, which is always a plus.



BENEFIT COSMETICS – Porefessional:

Another cult classic, but this one is aimed at those with troublesome pores, and especially oily skin. Some do not love the silicone based formula, but for me personally it doesn’t offend my skin, and does help with my crater sized pores on either side of my nose. I find that this is only really needed for my nose and beside my nose areas, and it helps with minimising oils.

Available: Sephora, Myer.



This is a heavy duty primer, if you are having a long day and need makeup that will last, slap this on your face and your makeup will have to asked to leave. This primer is a thick consistency which becomes tacky to the touch once rubbed in, if it isn’t tacky, you need to keep rubbing. I find that this can feel a little heavy at times because of the tacky feel, but it gets the job done and remember that you can use minimal product because it is so effective.

Available: Priceline, Deciem (Online).


Thank you for reading this little chat about my top five favourite primers, there are so many out there now, and so many that I love. Please let me know your favourite primer in the comments, because as always I want to try out more!


  1. I have 2 that I swear by, Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch and the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer. Both at different price points and work wonders for my complexion.

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