BEAUTY: BB & CC Creams.

This post is talking about a style of product that I previously personally despised, I was never into BB or CC creams, I thought they were a waste of space in my base product drawer. Now, I am humming a different tune, I am obsessed with the following three minimal base products, they are all fabulous and give me a natural looking finish and coverage and a lightweight feel.


My only qualm with these style bases are the longevity on my normal to combination skin type, but coming into some slightly cooler weather in Australia, I cannot wait to have my dewy, minimal base on repeat!


This cream has so much hype around it, and comes in two different variations, the original and the newer illuminate version, which I have personally not tried. The original is a CC cream, that I personally have thoroughly enjoyed using, while the shade is too light, when mixed with some Cover FX custom cover drops to add a little colour. This is a perfect everyday base for quick makeup or even just for minimal coverage and a lightweight feel.

AVAILABLE FROM: Sephora & IT Cosmetics (Online).


JANE IREDALE – Glow Time BB Cream:

The Jane Iredale Glow Time is a favourite of mine as far as minimal bases go, and this one is a lovely glowy base that makes my skin look brighter and illuminated. I feel like in my blogging experience I see very little regarding Jane Iredale, and I truly cannot understand why. I adore this BB cream and have been loving it for a daily base product, especially when going to work and I want to look healthy, but with minimal product used. Cannot recommend this enough, and probably my favourite of the three.



PURLISSE – BB Tinted Cream:

Another brand that is not particularly familiar to me, but one that has impressed me already. Loving the minimal coverage, but can easily be built up depending on which tool is used to apply the product. I love how comfortable this is on the skin, and how well it works with other product, have been thoroughly enjoying this, with brows and mascara and I’m done for the day.

AVAILABLE FROM: Purlisse (Online), Amazon (Online).


Thank you for reading, I hope you have enjoyed this post, as much as I have been enjoying a minimal base lately. Please let me know what your favourite minimal base is, wether it’s a BB cream, CC cream or even a tinted moisturiser.


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