Flashing back to five years ago, my brows weren’t even a consideration in my makeup routine. Well five years ago my makeup routine was nothing to be excited about, but thats a story for another.

Brows have totally taken over the world of makeup, brows became the new lipstick, they became the most essential part of the makeup routine for many. Now I can’t do my makeup without attending to my brows, they are the focus of the face, and add so much to the face, and can completely change the way a look comes together.

I have a whole wardrobe of products that I love and adore regarding my brows, it’s a whole thing. I have powders, pencils and pomades, oh my! I even have a variety of brushes that I find work better depending on the product, and I just think there are endless products that can be used to sculpt that perfect brow. Some people prefer different styles of products, so I have listed my favourites of each style of product so you can see what kinds of products I go for depending on what kind of brows I am after!


I was never a big powder fan previously, but since finding the right powder and brush combination, I’ve turned that around! I have been loving the ‘Ardell Pro Brow Defining Kit’ it comes with a brow pencil, but the real star of the show is the powder quad. Coupled with my ‘Nude By Nature’ angled brush, it creates a natural brow, or a more defined brow, I love that it’s easy to create whatever shape or arch you may want.


Both are available from Priceline.


Ahhh Anastasia Beverly Hills, you went and changed everybody’s brow game for the better, and I thank you personally for saving mine. The ABH ‘Dip Brow Pomade’ is the stuff of legend. I love this also for the ability to make a defined brow seem more natural that it may have with powder, I also adore the longevity and waterproof nature of this pomade. Highly recommend it used with the ABH #17 brush, which I personally need another of, mine has been a little too well loved.


Available: Sephora, ABH Online.


Pencil is my go to when I want a quick feather style brow that looks like it’s just the natural appearance of my brows, a total lie, but nobody needs to know. The ‘NYX Micro Brow’ does just that for me, it adds as little or as much definition as I desire and is the perfect top up to any other product or can easily be used alone, love that is has an attached spoolie at one end making it the ideal travelling product, no brush required.


Available: Priceline, Target, Ulta Beauty.


Brow gels come in so many shapes and forms, there are just so many out there, with tinted or clear also being an option. I personally go for a tinted gel, as even my clear gels become tinted over time. The ‘Loreal Brow Artiste Plumper’ is my personal go to, it has a small wand meaning that it doesn’t smear product all over my brow bone, but instead just on the brows, as desired. This is an affordable gem, that is the perfect shade for me, but does have a limited range of shades.


Available: Priceline, Chemist Warehouse.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have enjoyed reading about my brow wardrobe, I am always on the hunt for a new gem, so please let me know if you have any gems, I know so many people love the Benefit brow range, but I am yet to try anything from the collection!


    1. They just weren’t a thing when I first started wearing makeup, the photos show how tragic it was! I love that gel too, super tiny X

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