TLC: Body Care.

If you are anything like me, you have a huge collection of skincare, and spend hours testing out new skincare ensuring that your routine can be perfect, but then my body care is just quite frankly, nothing. I am just so lazy when it comes to my body, I am an avid fake tan lover, who is not an avid moisturiser lover, which is a really bad combination in regards to my skins appearance, but I can’t be perfect.


Since realising a while ago how terrible my body care regime was, I have become obsessed with finding the quickest and easiest possible ways of adding hydrating to my skin, quickly and easily.

VASELINE – Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser:

I have sung the praises of this product enough already, it is a pressurised spray with a fantastic moisturiser inside. I love how quickly this absorbs into the skin and still adds hydration, this is my personal favourite for maintaining a sunless tan as it is quick and mainly mess free.


LUSH – Dream Cream Hand & Body Lotion:

This is the thickest cream of the bunch and I personally love for applying to the driest parts of my body, such as knees, elbows, feet and ankles. This can really save the skin from the cooler months, and prevent from cracking, chaffing and everything else that is unpleasant about having dry skin all year round, especially in winter and cooler periods. While it is a thicker cream, it is effective at absorbing into the skin and reviving dull or dry skin.


JERGENS – BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream:

This is unlike anything I have ever used previously, it’s like makeup for the body that isn’t tinted and doesn’t transfer, it creates a flawless look to the body, and I personally love it on my legs.


JERGENS – Ultra Healing Moisturiser:

This is a gem as far as deep hydration goes, it’s perfect for times when I need a serious injection of hydration but don’t want the feel of an oil or the time restrictions of having recently applied oil. Coming in the pump pack makes it easy to apply all over the body, and help with dehydrated skin.


WELEDA – Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil:

Pomegranate is one of my favourite fruits and scents, it smells heavenly and has the feeling of in between a dry oil and being a traditional slightly heavier feeling oil. I love the packaging with the small funnel in the top of the cap meaning that product comes out slightly hampered, but still be careful with how quickly it can come out when titled too much, opps.


GO TO – Exceptionoil Oil:

This contains coconut oil and other delightfully smelling fruity style oils in the product, and it truly smells like heaven, can somebody make a cocktail of this. Regardless the actual oil is lovely, it comes in a squeeze tube which is a little bold considering how runny the product is, so please be warned that it can be a little dangerous unless you’re aware of how quickly this will come out. Perfect for intense hydration, but will leave you feeling of product on the skin.


Thank you for reading this post about all the products that I use when I need to revive my dull and dry skin, I really need to stop forgetting about my body care, especially considering how much time and effort I spend on my facial skincare. Let me know how you best remember to involve body care in your daily routine, I need to better incorporate it into mine!

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