NEW RELEASE: Zoeva Sweet Glamour Collection.

Before this collection, I had never tried any cosmetics from Zoeva, but only their brushes. Being my first introduction, I was eager to see the quality of shadows, as I am familiar with their packaging and appearance. Once I saw the Sweet Glamour collection, I was immediately surprised by the collection of shades as I personally think of neutral shades being synonymous with Zoeva shadows, these are some pastel toned shades with a mixture of matte and shimmer textures.


The collection has two pieces to it, being an eyeshadow palette, and a face palette containing three powders, two blushes and one highlighter. The packaging is typical of Zoeva Cosmetics with slim line cardboard palettes, no mirror and decorative illustration to set the tone of the collection, this being pastel and watercolour based.


The eyeshadow palette contains ten shadows, five being matte formula and the other five being a satin/shimmer formula. The shadows are everything I have heard about Zoeva Cosmetics, they are smooth and pigmented, whilst being incredibly easy to blend out. The blend ability of these shadows is probably the highlight for me, it makes application super simple and looks are easy to create with the palette. This is the perfect palette for a colourful eye look, but can always be mixed with the two more neutral shades to create a more day to day eye look.


While I love the quality of these shadows I do find myself reaching for a neutral brown to use as a crease shade, just so I can try to remain in my neutral brown comfort zone. However, I really have been enjoying dabbling in some more colourful shadows, which is very exciting for myself. This palette will be perfect for the spring time, Mardi Gras or any special occasion in which you may be needing a pop of pastel colour.


My favourite shades have to be: “Profusion” a classic neutral matte brown that makes any look blend seamlessly into the crease, “Daydream” a matte mid toned purple that looks incredible on the lower lash line, or blended into the outer corner of the eye & “Spirits Held Desire” this is one shadow that I truly believe I have nothing else like it, it’s a muted purple with a hint of grey with an iridescent shimmer, a seriously stunning shadow.


The face palette is a gorgeous collection of two pink blushes and one white coloured highlight. I personally do not normally gravitate toward the two pink blush shades in the palette, I am more of a natural toned blush person myself. Regardless of my personal colour inclination, the quality of the two blushes is lovely, so if you are a pink blush fan, or someone with a deeper skin tone these blushes would probably suit better.


The highlighter however, is right up my alley, and perfectly suited to my skin tone, it is a white base with an the highlighter reflecting lightly whatever shade the blush being worn is. I truly do not have another white based highlight that I enjoy as much as I enjoy this “Interpretation of Dreams” shade in the Sweet Glamour face palette.



This collection is lovely, and something totally different in my collection. I love the pastel based concept of both the face and eyeshadow palette, it is unique to my collection, and has definitely been encouraging me to try something other than 50 shades of neutral brown. I have been loving incorporating the eyeshadow palette into other palette looks, or even using my daily bronzer and contour shade as transition shades, and then using the Sweet Glamour eyeshadow palette as the rest of the details. The highlight shade from the face palette has become a new favourite of mine, and is truly stunning, but probably only suited to those who are of a light to fair skin tone.

Overall, I complete recommend this collection to anyone, both the face and eyeshadow palettes are of gorgeous quality, so if the shades are to your inclination, then I whole heartedly recommend the collection. The quality of these products has made me want to try out more from the Zoeva Cosmetics range, as they have eyeshadow, blush, concealer and brow palettes, all of which look gorgeous.


Sephora, Zoeva Cosmetics (Online), Beauty Bay (Online) & Selfridges.


    1. I am loving it so much! I really thought it was going to be difficult to incorporate into my looks, but super easy! Thank you for reading X

    1. Totally a neutral brown girl at heart, but these are great for a pop of colour, and can be muted out quite well too! Thank you for reading X

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