SKINCARE: Facial Oils.

There are a huge variety of facial oils on the market, as there are so many functions for an oil, and so many potential benefits that could enhance the skin, from evening out tone, pigmentation or increasing hydration in dehydrated skin.

I was previously terrified of the word ‘oil’, as someone with previously oily teenage skin, I thought that the word oil was a dirty word that made all my makeup slide off. However, the more I dabbled in skincare, the more I understood that being oily isn’t exacerbated by adding more oil onto the skin – obviously in moderation. I found that since using oils on my face, I have in fact become less oily, thanks to balancing out my natural oils, hydration levels and PH levels. Over the past year or two I have tried a large variety of oils, and have below correlated some of the gems I have used.



RoseHip Plus – Organic Cold Pressed RoseHip Oil:

This rose hip oil was the first oil that I ever fall in love with, and you never forget your first! It’s a super hydrating oil, that is also Australian certified organic and cold pressed. I find this works best applied with 4 or so drops, of an evening, I can’t personally apply oils to my skin of a morning if I am intending on wearing makeup that day, but if applied at night time, I wake up with glowing skin.


The Ordinary – Organic Cold Pressed RoseHip Seed Oil:

Similar to the above rosehip oil, this is a certified organic cold pressed oil that when applied gives the skin intense hydration, and minimises the dehydration in my lower cheeks, it also helps reducing my rough texture in my cheeks.



Goodness – Organic Chia Seed Oil:

This is the lightest feeling oil in the collection in my opinion, the only draw back being that Chia Seed has quite a distinct scent, which does not bother me personally, but does seem to irritate others. I love that this is certified organic, made by a small New Zealand company, I love an ethic oil!



Physician’s Forumla – Argan Oil:

This is a clever little multi use oil, that I love using on my face and hair ends. Argan oil is in a lot of hair products and oils for it’s moisturising properties, I find that my face and hair appear brighter and it helps prevent split ends appearing in my hair, it also feels light enough that it doesn’t weigh down my hair.



The Jojoba Company – 100% Natural Australian Jojoba:

Like most oils this one is a lovely product to use for hydration, evening skin tone and brightening complexion, this brand is fabulous not only for the product because it is Australian made and owned, and is not tested on animals, all massive ticks.



Go To Skincare – Face Hero:

This is the newest to my collection of all of the oils, and one that is well loved in the beauty and skincare community. I love that there are so many different oils combined to create this little gem as I feel that there are benefits from each, with intense hydration being the outcome of each. There are no sulphates, colouring or fragrance, which is just fab.


Dermalogica – Photo Replenish Oil:

I love this oil mixed in with my night time moisturiser just to add a little boost to my evening skincare routine, it’s a light weight oil that leaves my skin glowing over night, only a couple of drops are needed to see results.


Antipodes – Divine Face Oil:

I love the mixture of Avocado & Rosehip Oil as it feels very light, but still adds intense hydration. My skin is just glowing after using this oil, and the bottle is just giant, so there is some serious value for money with this facial oil.


Philosophy Skincare – When Hope Is Not Enough:

This is a beautiful blend of omega 3,6&9, this is great oil for those attempting to prevent or fight the sings of ageing, as it aims to increase suppleness and elasticity of the skin, whilst also helping increase moisture retention. I love the healthy glow that I have after using this oil, my skin look bright and healthy.


As you may already realise, I was once scared of oils, now they are some of my favourite skincare products. Rosehip oil has been a saviour of mine, and has totally changed the way I look at oils and how I can potentially balance out my skin. I highly recommend trying out one of these oils if you have previously been a little too scared to test out oils on your face, they just might change your life, or maybe just your skin. Thank you again for reading!


  1. Yaaaas facial oils! I honestly couldn’t live without them! I’ve tried so many by this point – I go through them like water haha. My favourite is probably still the Kosmea Rose hip oil – I still think it’s the most effective I’ve tried. I also really love the Rosehip plus one though, and Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. I used to be scared of oils too, but like you I’ve noticed they’ve actually helped with the oiliness! (Except in my blasted T-Zone. That still won’t go away). I need to try some of these, they’re all new to me! 😀

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