TRENDING: Multi Use Products.

Multi use products are always a popular option, because lets be real, who wants to have to use more products that really necessary. Below I am discussing my favourite multi use products that I just can’t live without, they make everything easier!



BIODERMA – H20 Micellar Water:

Micellar waters can be used for a variety of reasons, removing makeup, taking off parts of makeup, cleaning up eyeliner, and even spot cleaning brushes, there are just so many things to be done with micellar water, and Bioderma is the original for a reason. Bioderma micellar waters don’t irritate my eyes or my skin and can remove every part of my makeup!



REVLON – Sun Soleil Bronzer:

Bronzers are my favourite little trick to making any neutral eye look, blend with the rest of the face. I find that when using the bronzer used on the face, in the eye look it creates the most seamless look, this Revlon bronzer has been a recent favourite of mine as it is the perfect neutral tone, not too cool, and not too warm.



ENDOTA SPA – The Multi Tasker Balm:

I feel like everyone needs a balm in their skincare collection, this is such a gem from Endota Spa. This balm is super hydrating without feeling thick or heavy on the skin. I love applying this to my lips, elbows and even hands if they are feeling especially dry.



COVER FX – Custom Cover Drops:

Custom drops have become all the rage lately, with lightening, darkening and glow drops all available on the market. The Cover FX variety enhance the coverage and can alter the colour of any foundation or base product. I adore these drops and they have become a staple in my collection.



DERMALOGICA – Phyto Replenish Oil:

I love oils in my skincare routine, and I love that this can be used alone, or my personal favourite way, applying a couple of drops into a moisturiser for day or night time usage. This leaves my skin looking super glowy and feeling hydrated, it can also be mixed into base products in a makeup routine for those with dry skin.


Let me know if you have any multi use products that I’ve missed out on!


  1. Honestly that’s such a perfect bronzer colour -exactly what I’m always looking for! Never even give Revlon much thought, definitely going to pick this up now! Loved reading this – you should try the Bite multi use sticks, I hear they’re amazing x

    1. It’s such a classic skincare product for me! I don’t like using makeup wipes, so this is the perfect alternative! Thank you for reading X

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