SKINCARE: Pore Minimising Products.

Toner’s along with an effective skincare regime daily, are the perfect way to minimise the appearance and size of pores. I personally also find that these are excellent at balancing skin PH levels, therefore reducing the un necessary oils appearing on the skin.


JUNE JACOBS – Pore Purifying Mud Masque:

Mud masque’s and my skin don’t get along, I don’t know why,  but mud & clay are no friends of my skins. I wouldn’t consider my skin sensitive, more so prone to redness, but this is the only mud masque that doesn’t irritate or disrupt my skin. It makes my pores feel clean without giving me an ‘allergic reaction’ look to my skin, which most mud masque’s do to my skin.


PAULA’S CHOICE – Skin Balancing Pore Reducing Toner:

This is a lovely all round toner for me personally, it helps to minimise my pore size, without drying my skin out, but does probably have the strongest witch hazel scent, but I personally quite enjoy the scent.



This toner is my go to, absolutely dependable toner that manages to maintain minimal oil and minimise my pores at the same time. I love that it doesn’t contain alcohol as a key ingredient. The witch hazel does wonders for my skin!


JUNE JACOBS – Pore Purifying Toner:

The next two products are more targeted treatments that are serum based and can be applied after toner, and before moisturiser, they are two lovely treatment products.


MEDIK 8 – Pore Refining Toner:

This has been my recent favourite personally, it has Aloe Vera & Witch Hazel similar to the Obagi toner, and does assist in minimising pores and oil levels in my skin without making it feel dry or tight.


HYLAMIDE – Pore Delete:

The pore delete feels as if it is literally filling in my pores, I lightly massage it into my pore areas and can instantly notice a difference, however be careful when using this underneath a silicone based primer, as the two may not react well together, it does not disturb any foundations I’ve tried the product with which is a huge plus.



This is a fabulous affordable silicone based primer, perfect if you enjoy the silicone based primer feel and results for oily skin.


BENEFIT – The Porefessional:

The original pore filling primer, and one that still remains a classic in my eyes. I love that it has a silicone feel, but I only need a very small portion of product meaning that it feels lightweight on the skin, and doesn’t disrupt foundations.


THE ORDINARY – High Adherence Silicone Primer:

This is a gorgeous primer, but one that slightly confuses me, it is a silicone based primer, with no feeling of silicone, and honestly this is one of my favourite primers in my collection currently, and is also fantastic at minimising the look of pores under makeup, or can be worn alone on a makeup free day.






  1. You are just casually saving my life with this post haha. Pores have been my biggest issue lately! And I’ve been so curious about so many of the products you’ve listed, so it’s great to know they work! loved reading this x

    1. My pores have been crazy recently, so I’ve been taking a lot care and trying lots of new things to try and minimise them! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading X

  2. The Paula’s Choice toner that you’ve mentioned is probably one of my biggest holy grail skincare products – in fact it’s the only toner I feel that’s actually done something for me. I’m also really keen on trying The Ordinary’s primer.

    Have you tried the Smashbox Photo Finish primer at all? I find that is another good one for pore minimising.

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