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BRAND FOCUS: Jane Iredale Cosmetics.

Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup is a makeup line formed in 1994 with the basis of being a makeup line that had skincare benefits a part of the makeup products, whilst also utilising more natural and organic ingredients into various makeup products. This line of makeup is intended to be multifunctional, easy to use and focus on a wellbeing approach to makeup.

Below I will be discussing a variety of products from the Jane Iredale range, some of which are favourites in my expansive makeup collection.



Since becoming more drawn to the dewier, more illuminating style primers this has been one of my most reached for primers. It helps to create a smoother base, whilst adding a healthy appearance to the skin. I love that this foundation doesn’t disrupt foundation, and I haven’t had anything



BB Creams were never really my thing, until I used this one. It’s a glowy base that can be a light coverage or full coverage look. It has a thick mousse style texture, but can be buffed out beautifully with a kabuki brush. I love the way this BB cream doesn’t mask my actual skin, but allows my base to look natural, whilst being perfected by the coverage. Thoroughly enjoy for everyday look, work or school style makeup.



A classic concealer with a liquid consistency, without being too thick or too runny. I have been pleasantly surprised wiht the multi use of this concealer because it is quite thick, but dries to a beautiful finish that sinks into the skin, rather than sitting on top of the skin, therefore I have been loving this for spots and under my eyes, although the shade medium isn’t ideal for under my eyes.



This brush is a thin, flat, synthetic haired brush that is perfect for applying and blending concealer and other liquid products with precise attention to detail. I adore brushes like these to apply concealer to spots on the face, or even carve out brows. The kind of brush that everyone should have at least one in their collection.



Cream blushes have been an obsession of mine recently, well really I’ve been loving everything related to cream and liquid products, rather than traditional powder products. I have especially been loving the shade of this cream blush as it is a very natural mixture of red, brown and pink, creating a very natural flush to the face.



Golden eyeshadows hold a special place in my heart, and will always catch my eye in any eyeshadow collection, this trio of golden toned eyeshadows was no exception. These are such a stand out for me, and honestly can say that one of the eyeshadows is such a unique shade of gold that I have been constantly reaching for it, the yellow tone in the gold really brings out the blue in my eyes. These shadows are creamy, pigmented, and blend beautifully I was so blown away by the quality of these shadows.



While I am typically a high pigmented lipstick lover, this is a lovely every day alternative, with more focus on hydrating the lips with added colour pigmentation, rather than intense pigmentation, and drying out the lips. I have been loving this dark nude with BB Cream & Cream blush for a very natural look. The perfect lipstick for those who love a barely there makeup look, or love being able to apply without lipliner and a magnified mirror close by.



In case you couldn’t already tell, the BB Cream & Eyeshadow trio were two total stand outs for me personally, and two products that I really enjoy from the brand. Honestly, there is nothing from the brand that I wouldn’t reuse, or don’t enjoy having in my collection. I love how gentle on my skin all the products are, and they are all easy to remove because of this.

Let me know if you have any favourites from the Jane Iredale that you think I need to look into, because I’m loving everything else I’ve tried from the brand.


  1. I have a couple of Jane Iredale products which are lovely – I had a bronzer which was my daily go-to for a while! The eye shadow trio looks like the perfect set of colours. So good for travelling!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

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