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HAIR: MBFWA Backstage With Redken Australia.

In case you haven’t notice, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is one of my favourite weeks of the year! All the new fashion, hair and beauty trends are on show, and I get to catch up with some of my favourite bloggers, and PR gems.

I am so lucky to have been able to attend MBFWA with Redken Australia, thanks to their incredible PR team, I was able to watch shows, and go backstage before the shows to see the looks being created and talk through with the hair directors. This is a truly special experience, and makes me kick myself for not being better at doing my own hair.

The hair looks created for a fashion show can often seem like a small part of the big picture, but to me, the hair is the finishing touch. It’s the fabulous icing on the cake, and the it gives the designers and stylists another opportunity to truly exhibit what their brand the show represents. I love being able to talk through the looks and it really helps me to better understand the ethos of the show, and what they are trying to personify in their show.

Having the incredible access to backstage, means that I had the opportunity to take some behind the scenes style shots of the shows that were styled by Redken.










My hair after a gorgeous team of Redken stylists gave me some natural, but yet lightly defined curls. My favourite hair look on myself, other than French braids! All below hero products were used to create this look, so impressed. They even changed the part in my hair to hide my regrowth, if only roots never needed redoing!


HERO PRODUCTS: These are the products that I realised I needed when I was backstage with Redken, they were used in the majority of the shows, I love the lightweight nature of Redken hair products meaning they can easily be layered.

  1. Rootful – I did not attend a single show that did not contain this product. Adds gorgeous volume, and can be layered to create a wet look, see images from the Swim show on previous posts, because the result is gorgeous.
  2. Wind Blown – This is the kind of spray that everybody needs in their life. It’s a finishing/texturising spray that adds grit to event the fluffiest of first day hair. This was used in my hair, and oh wow, I am in love.
  3. Triple Take – If there is one thing that Redken does well, it’s hair sprays. I hated hair spray before I tried one from Redken. This is an extreme hold hairspray, and it does just that, but it diffuses so evenly and creates the most beautiful hold, with no crunch. If you think that hair sprays are heavy or spoil a hair style, you’re not using one from Redken, they have completely changed the way I approach hair sprays.


In conclusion, in case you couldn’t tell from me waxing lyrical about the brand, I’m a big ole fan of Redken. I think they make some of the highest quality hair care that I have in my collection. I have never used a Redken shampoo or conditioner, but can vouch for their styling range. I think that if you’re having any concerns with your hair, and just not achieving the styling results that you want, check out Redken’s range, it is expansive, with an option for every hair type or styling concern.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my Australian Fashion Week content, it’s all over for another year, so back to my regularly scheduled programming. I’m thinking a Redken collection post so I can share my favourites with all of you, because believe me there’s a few on my shelf.

Also a huge thank you to the lovely Josie & Nikita for being so accomodating backstage, as well as the various hair directors who were so helpful with explaining looks and giving me unrestricted access! It was a fabulous couple of days, and I can’t wait for it to all roll around again.

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