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Winter Edit 2017.

Welcome back to another round of my seasonal edit’s, I’ve really been enjoying this quarterly series that discusses products which perfectly prepare for upcoming seasons, mainly focusing on the Summer & Winter rotations. This is a compilation of products that I think are essential to the upcoming Winter weather, mainly to ensure that face, skin & hair all continue to be hydrated effectively during cooler weather.

In Australia, and the rest of the Southern Hemisphere as of June, we will be entering Winter, therefore cooler weather, so these are the products I will be relying on for the Winter months.


WELEDA – Skin Food:

Skin food is a classic product, and one that I think everybody should have somewhere in their skincare collection. I love using this on my ankles, elbows & knee’s, it is an extremely hydrating thick lotion.


BONDI SANDS – Liquid Gold Gradual:

Liquid Gold is a dry oil from Bondi Sands, and they have recently released the gradual version. I personally love the gradual version for winter time, because of it’s hydrating properties, and also adding a gradual tan. I love products like this during the cooler months, because I don’t desire having such a deep tan.


BIO OIL – Oil:

Bio Oil should be used all year round, but regardless, I’m more inclined to be using it during the cooler months. Mix this little gem into a warm bath, and then you have another fantastic way to add hydration to the skin!


ECOYA – Crisp Aqua & Tiare Flower:

Candles are such a major thing for me during the cooler weather, I truly love burning candles when doing anything, cooking, blogging or even just watching netlfix. I love the scent from this Ecoya candle is so warm and comforting, I think it’s perfect for winter weather. Another thing I love about Ecoya is being about to multi use the jars once the candle has been burnt completely.


PANTENE – 3 Minute Miracle Smooth & Sleek Conditioner:

Hair treatments are a huge part of how I maintain such long hair, whilst trying to keep it healthy. So when I found a conditioner with even more added hydrating properties. I love that when using this 3 Minute Miracle Treatment I can leave it in my hair whilst showering, and then can wash it out, and have similar results to using a deep hydrating mask that often takes longer.


SIMPLE – Hydrating Cleansing Oil:

Cleaning oils have been a favourite of mine for a while now, and I think they’re perfect for cooler weather, they are a fabulous pre cleanse, minimal makeup removal or face wash, and they are a fantastic way of ensuring that the skin isn’t dried out, but is still cleansed effectively. I love using this as the first step of double cleaning and then going in with a gel based cleanser to remove the majority of makeup.


MOROCCANOIL – Volume Thickening Lotion:

The cooler the weather is, and the more rain there is, the less volume my hair has. My hair while being thick, and long, it doesn’t always have much volume to it, especially around the roots of my hair. I have been loving this lotion for my hair, and find that it’s been giving me a lot my volume and body in my roots, perfect for a rainy day or week.


L’UNICO LABRATORY – Intensive Hydrating Mask:

This hydrating mask has to be one of the most intriguing products I’ve ever used, it dries similar to that of a mud mask, but when washed off, it leaves the skin feeling so healthy and hydrated, and does not irritate my skin at all, which most mud mask’s typically do. Such a luxury skincare item that I will be loving all through winter!


I hope you have enjoyed another one in my series of seasonal edit’s I’ve really enjoyed this series, and look forward to getting ready for Summer again! Let me know if there are any products that you adore that you think are just made for Winter! Thank you for reading.



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