BEAUTY: Rimmel Wake Me Up Re-Launch.

The Rimmel Wake Me Up range once took the beauty world by storm, it was released when the major beauty bloggers in my personal experience were majority UK bloggers, Zoella, Tanya Burr, etc. They all raved about the range, with the concealer having a huge impact online. I was at the stage where anything Zoella talked about, I had to buy and wear, it was a must.

Honestly my skin was quite different when this range was first released, my skin was far oilier, and my ability to apply makeup, far worse. At lot has changed since I wore this concealer and foundation combination. I had always quite enjoyed the foundation, despite only being able to wear it for a short amount of time, thanks to having an oil slick for a face. The concealer I did not rate highly, I personally preferred my Maybelline Fit Me concealer at the time, but these were the days that I thought my face had to be matte with three layers of product.


My skin and attitudes to makeup have definitely matured in this time, and I have a very different perspective on what I want my makeup to look like, and how I can obtain the best results. So with all this in mind, I was quite excited to try out the newly reformulated version of the Wake Me Up range, with the main difference being added vitamin C to make the skin appear even more luminous. There is still a foundation and concealer, but now there is also a setting spray in the range, I have my mitts on all three to try out and report back!


I always enjoyed this foundation, and haven’t noticed a great difference between it then and now, despite the added vitamin C. ┬áThis foundation is very luminous and has a great dewy appearance on the skin. I find that it looks beautiful on my skin, and helps to create a glowing complexion, pretty much my go to hungover foundation! The foundation does have a slight shimmer in the bottle, ┬ábut I personally don’t notice any on the face or in photographs. I find that I can get about 6-8 hours out of this foundation with maybe one touch up of powder, but much more than that and I’m stretching it a little thin on my normal to oily skin.


I would say that most people can enjoy this foundation, the only skin type that I believe should stay away is the oily to very oily skin type. If you fall into the dry, normal or normal to oily combination skin type then I believe that you can enjoy this foundation.


The concealer is probably my least favourite of the three products in the Wake Me Up range, but it is nonetheless a lovely brightening everyday concealer, I think I’ve learned that for my own dark under eye circles, I enjoy this most when mixed in with another more full coverage concealer. I love the brightening properties in this concealer, but do wish it had slightly more coverage for the days that I am lacking sleep. However, this is the perfect concealer for younger makeup wearers, or those who are looking for a minimal appearance.



Setting sprays are something that I don’t personally swear by, I find that they are a great way to settle down powders on the face, and can slightly aid in the longevity of my makeup. This setting spray is not different to me than the majority of others on the market and is a lovely affordable option if you are in the market for a setting spray.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my review of the recent re-releases collection of Wake Me Up products from Rimmel. Please let me know if you enjoyed the range and what your skin type and concerns are so that way others can see if it would suit them!

DISCLAIMER: I was gifted these products, but I was not required, nor instructed to review them. All opinions are my own, and completely genuine and honest.

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