SKINCARE: Exfoliants.

Exfoliating was once one of my favourite aspects to my skincare regime, I used to love rubbing my skin red raw with a facial exfoliant. You may think I sound crazy, but this was the only way I could make my rough texture on my cheeks feel any softer, silly 17 year old me didn’t know what moisturising was and thought I was doing my skin a service by only exfoliating and washing my face.

Now that I’m older and wiser I understand that I was probably making my skin oilier by never adding anything to it, but only taking away, how rude of me. So when I had a skincare consultation I was finally shown the error of my ways, around a year ago I truly understood the damage I had done to my skin by never allowing it to truly regenerate, I was scrubbing too often. For a while after I was really nervous about using scrubs, now I understand that like everything in skincare, it has it’s place.

My sensitive skin only needs exfoliating around once a week or every five days, I now understand that hydrating my skin is the only way for long lasting soft texture. So below are some exfoliants, all of which I believe have a metaphorical place in my skincare collection, I do not think that one person needs seven exfoliants in their skincare collection, but it’s my burden to bear I suppose as a skincare addict.



Exfoliating cleansers are a great dip in the metaphorical exfoliating pool, they are typically less harsh, therefore if you are a sensitive skin person, then these are probably the best option.

Obagi – Exfoliating Cleanser:


O Cosmedics – Exfoliating Cleanser:



These are the most common style of product, and potentially the most harmful, avoid microbeads at all costs and be very careful that the scrub isn’t too abrasive for your skin.

Skinstitut – Glycolic Scrub:



Peels are some of my favourite styles of exfoliating because they remove the top layer of dead skin, and do not disturb the under layers that are not ready to be removed. They tend to be less abrasive, and harsh on the skin.

Victory – Peeling Gel:


Skinstiut – Enzymatic Micro Peel:



These must be the most popular new style of products on the skincare market, they are being released everywhere, and I think they are super clever, and something a little different in my skincare collection.

Cosmedix – Purity Detox Scrub:


Dermalogica – Daily Superfoliant:



Exfoliating pads are a fabulous quick way to exfoliate the skin, there is no water necessarily required, and I find them to be a great quick exfoliation when travelling, or even for quick prep. However, please be careful as these can be a little harsh on the skin, and like all exfoliation should be used in moderation, and avoid sensitive skin or sensitive patches of skin.

Nip & Fab – Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme:


Go To Skincare – Exfoliating Swipeys:



My personal recommendation regarding exfoliating, is to test the waters with cleansers or peels as I find they are kinder on the skin, and depending on your skins sensitivity and oil levels, ph balance, etc.

Thank you for reading this post regarding the different styles of exfoliants available on the market, I know they are many more out there, but I think this is a good cross section of styles of exfoliants, please let me know if there are any exfoliants in your collection that you adore!


24 thoughts on “SKINCARE: Exfoliants.

  1. I love exfoliating pads! They are so easy to use, fuss free and work perfectly 🙂 I have been using the ones from First Aid Beauty but I will definitely need to try the Nip+Fab ones x

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  2. I cringed at that opening. My brother used to do the same thing when he was a teenager. I’m 4 years younger than him but he insisted he knew more about skincare than me. He had a few outbreaks of acne in his time and he would sometimes scrub so hard his face would bleed. Madness! I’m just thankful that I had a really amazing beauty therapist to advise me from a really young age.

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  3. Oh my! These all look so good! I’m loving the Dermalogica Superfoliant lately! It’s so light but my skin loves it and always feels so smooth afterwards! I do need to invest in some more good exfoliants though. Might need to try these xx

    Laura || xx


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