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BRAND FOCUS: Go To Skincare.

If you don’t fan girl all over Zoe Foster Blake, I’m not sure what you’ve been up to the past couple of years. I first loved her work in regards to publishing, after thoroughly enjoying a number of her fiction novels (playing the field is my personal favourite), fast forward a couple of years, she’s added ‘Blake’ to her last name, a Son to her life, a TV show to her resume and a Skincare brand to her portfolio.


Go To Skincare is the brainchild of Ms Foster Blake and has quite the cult following in the beauty and blogging community, whilst some of this may be attributed to the popularity of Zoe, the products from the range are truly fantastic as well, so I’m not going to give all of the brands popularity over to the range because of her hilarious personality. This range is really no nonsense and no frills about it, the packaging is in a vibrant orange and has cheeky little descriptions of each product and how you should be using it on the face and or body. In case you couldn’t already tell, I’m a fan of the range, and so is my skin, I really enjoy the products and think they are great for those feeling a little disillusioned with the complexities of the skincare world, if you want no ‘pot of gold promises’ skincare, then I think you would love Go To Skincare like I go.


A potent blend of nourishing and hydrating oils that are perfectly blended resulting in a super hydrating oil that I love slapping on my face of an evening, or if I want something a bit lighter then I add a couple of drops into my night time moisturiser. This is a fabulous product that is very well loved by so many people, for good reason, my skin fully approves of this product.



This is a very gentle cleanser, but not one that I would recommend for mass makeup removal. It’s a foamy consistency that is lovely for cleaning my skin when I have no makeup or minimal makeup on. I do wish this was a little more heavy duty when I have a full face of makeup on, but on no makeup days this is the perfect product for cleaning my skin.



This is a favourite lip balm of mine, and has done wonders for my lips when I was having trouble at the beginning of the cooler weather with cracking and dried out lips. This has a unique texture to it as it has a slightly runny consistency similar to an oil, without a greasy feel to it. It contains a variety of oils, medical grade lanolin and Shea butter as well as some other gems that mean my lips feel ultra smooth after using ‘Lips’.



This cream is a favourite of mine as a basic day cream, a great product for using under makeup as a day cream that doesn’t disturb my makeup. While I don’t find this as deeply moisturising as some of my favourite night creams, this is perfect as a day cream.



Exfoliating pads are becoming increasingly popular in the skincare world, and I think these are the best I’ve tried. I love that these are deeply saturated, and have an abrasive and a smooth side to the pad, meaning that I can gently pre-exfoliate, and then thoroughly exfoliate using the abrasive side. These are perfect for travelling and as a lazy, but yet effective skincare routine, which is the best kind of routine.



This is the definition of a multi use product, this is a squeezy tube of oil that can applied to the face, body or even hair. I love using this as an intensive hydrator for my body, especially considering I’m such an avid fake tan user. This is deeply hydrating and the packaging is super convenient, if not a little generous at time, so squeeze with caution.



This has the same fantastic moisturising properties as the original ‘Lips’ formula, but with a hint of colour. I love wearing this when I have minimal makeup on, and want to add a slight colour to my lips, with applying lip liner and a classic lipstick. It’s a dark pink, nude shade that would suit all skin tones.


STAND OUTS? Lips, Exceptionoil & Face Hero, well really all of it, but those two are my favourites.

If you couldn’t tell, I love and adore this skincare range, and love what it stands for. There are no nasties in the products and they are all created out of the desire for a simplistic skincare range. I also love the bright and vibrant packaging for the range, it means that it visually stands out in my skincare collection.

Let me know if you have tried any of Go To Skincare, and your thoughts!


  1. You’re making me want to get everything from the brand! So many more products that I want to try! I want to get my hands on the hand cream! See what I did there? 😉

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