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BEAUTY: PUR Cosmetics Eye Polishes.

PUR Cosmetics is a brand that is still relatively new to me, I have tried a couple of products from the brand, and everything I have tried I have thoroughly enjoyed and found it all to be of high quality, and they have some really fabulous innovative products. I love trying out newer brands, they always seem to be coming up with exciting products and seem to really listen to consumers, which I love.

A product that I have been loving from PUR is their eye polishes, these are clever little cream eyeshadows that come in gorgeous little pot packaging with a sieve on top to prevent the application from becoming messy. All the shadows have a clear bottom to be able to see the shade, as well as having accurate colour coded lids on each of the shades.


SIZE = 8mls


FINISH = Metallic


AVAILABLE = Myer, PUR Cosmetics (Online), Beauty Bay (Online) TVSN, Feel Unique, Ulta Beauty.


These shadows are intensity pigmented, and all the shades have a metallic finish to the them and make for incredible statement eye looks depending on where and how the shadow is applied. They can be used alone, with powder shadows or used as a base for powder shadows, or even as a light glitter base. They interact well with powder eyeshadows and are not disrupted by blending with brushes.

Personally I love using them as the final step of my eye looks with the lighter three shades, they create a gorgeous halo eye, and the darker three shades can create a gorgeous smokey eye being put all over the lid, or just applied to the outer corner.

The shadows do come with a silicone applicator, but I personally do not use them, I use either my finger or a synthetic brush to apply the shadows, and then use any eyeshadow brush to blend them out or to apply other shadows powder or cream.



In case it isn’t blatantly obvious, I adore these cream shadows and they are some of my favourite products to create eye looks with, my favourites out of the shades have to be ‘Cashmere’ and ‘Silk’, they are the two lightest shades in the ranges, and I find them to be beautiful on the centre of the lid for a halo eye and in the inner corner to create a bright eye look.

My only criticism is that the netting above the product can make accessing the shadows a little tricky at times.

Let me know if you’ve tried these out and what you thought of them.

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