FAVOURITES: Current Candle Loves.

Candles are a true little luxury in my life, while obviously luxe cosmetics and skincare are my true passion, there is something so special about candles. I love decor and homewares, and think that a candle can give every room in the house a more homely feel.


There are so many brands of candles that I adore, and think are worth spending a little more on, than opting for the cheaper option. Below, I’m discussing my favourite candles, and they are mainly winter related, but obviously can be burnt any time of the year, depending on personal tastes.


This is my all time favourite candle, and candle brand, sorry picking favourites, but it truly is. If you’ve never smelt a Glasshouse candle, then I really think you should bee line down to the nearest stockist of the brand. Manhattan is a beautiful full bodied scent, with notes of Orchid, Rose, Musk & Blood Orange, Glasshouse describes is as ‘The Little Black Dress”, the perfect description of the scent.



Personally, I normally gravitate toward more intense scents, so this is somewhat of a variant to my typical candle preference. This is based around the Pear & Lime scents, which both typically strike me as more fresh, warmer weather scents. However, the notes of Vanilla and Sandalwood both play into a cooler weather scent spectrum, so this combination makes the candle more versatile, and the perfect fresh candle to burn in Winter!



This gorgeous 45 hour candle has the focus completely on the Patchouli & Musk as the hero items of the candle. I love the way that the Patchouli herb mixes in with the Musk scent. Another scent that is perfect for being used through out the year, without being restricted to one season. This is probably the most affordable of all of the mentioned candles, which makes it a lovely inclusion to the soy candle market.



This is a very fruity and fresh scent in my eyes, it has Mango, Guava, Coconut, as well as strong notes of White Floral. The light undertones of Tonka Bean and Cream, these undertones are what give this scent a versatility in my opinion. This can adapt to any season, and I think is warm and creamy enough to translate to be a Winter scent, but the light fruity scents mean that it can be perfect for Summer. Sadly a limited edition scent, so stock up!


Please let me know what your favourite candle is or even a favourite brand, I really enjoy every brand mentioned and have used a number of each of their candles, but I have to say that I do have a soft spot for Glasshouse candles.

DISCLAIMER: These products mentioned were kindly sent to me as a generous pr sample, however I was not asked nor required to create this post by the agency or brand. All opinions are 100% honest and my own, having used all of the mentioned products. I am not a makeup artist nor dermatologist and cannot be held accountable for any reactions or consequences of trailing any products mentioned in this post. Regardless, if you have used any of the mentioned products, please let me and my other readers know how they performed for you.


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