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HAUL: ActiveSkin – Evo First Impressions.

Today I’m brining you a review of a new favourite hair care brand, courtesy of my favourite online beauty online boutique Active Skin which has so many amazing brands across makeup, hair care, skincare and body care. I love the range of products available, the brands on offer, the quick shipping, and the kitkat with delivery. I cannot recommend the website enough, and can tell you that the people behind the website are so fabulous.

Thanks to the lovely ActiveSkin team I have some amazing new hair care from the brand Evo, whose exceptionally large range is available on the website. I have five products from the brand that I have been using exclusively for the past three weeks as the only styling products in my regime. I have been loving the products, their simple and clean packaging, and the cheeky little descriptions on the front of the products.


LOVE PERPETUA – Shine Drops 50ml $29.65:

This is a fabulous little addition to any hair products, I find that this is perfect for mixing into any cream or balm hair products, but can also be used alone. I really don’t have anything else in my hair cabinet, it is truly a unique product, something that I don’t say often. Do keep in mind that it is very concentrated, so less is more regarding these little drops.


LIQUID ROLLERS – Curl Balm 200ml $29.65:

This has to be my favourite of the products I’ve tried from the Evo Hair range. I personally adore the way this makes my hair feel after being washed, and applying a little of this all over my hair. I find that I put this in my hair, and I wake up to beautiful bouncy hair with more defined curls and has less frizz to it than without. This also smells heavenly, which shouldn’t influence my opinion, but definitely doesn’t hurt.


DAY OF GRACE – Leave In Conditioner 200ml $29.65:

A leave in conditioner is a product that everybody should have I firmly believe. This leave-in is such a gorgeous lightweight spray that I find I can apply when my hair is wet or dry, which personally is a massive plus, as someone who doesn’t wash their hair for 3-4 days on average. This spray, plus the Liquid Rollers, is heavenly on damp hair, and then I wake up it’s lovely again.


ICON WELDER – Hot Tool Shaper 200ml $29.65:

Heat protectants are another must have if you’re a straightener, curler or blow drier user, they’re really a non-negotiable in my opinion. I like using this lightly all over my hair, and then brushing it out in order to get a more even spread of the product. I notice my hair seems to be less frizz prone when using this prior to heat styling.


LOVE TOUCH – Shine Spray 100ml $29.65:

Shine Spray’s are something I haven’t really looked into before, because I don’t like having any excessive product in my hair if I can avoid it, but this being a light weight spray means that I can use it interchangeably with the above mentioned shine drops!


I hope you’ve enjoyed the review of these fabulous products, all of which I’ve been thoroughly enjoying, if I had to recommend two products from the range I’ve tried have to be ‘Liquid Rollers’ & ‘Day Of Grace’, both are so fabulous and have cemented themselves into my hair regime.



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