TRENDING: Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil.

Lip Oil’s are definitely a ‘thing’ now, they seem to be popping up in a lot makeup ranges. They are typically oil based with a small amount of pigment, that normally leave a light tint to the lips, with a glossy appearance. I have personally only ever tested out Lancome’s offering regarding lip oils, and found that they were a lovely addition to any ‘no-makeup makeup look’.

Then when I opened a gorgeous package containing the Clarins ‘Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil’ range in four colours, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to discuss a style of lip product that I didn’t think I would enjoy as much as I do. Not being a big fan of a particularly ‘glossy’ lip look, but being a huge lip balm user, which often gives a similar effect, slightly hypocritical, definitely.


Despite how skeptical I was when I first tried these out, they have become a massive favourite of mine. I haven’t taken the ‘Mint’ shade out of my handbag, The shades that I have are all lightly pigmented, or like the ‘Mint’ shade contain no pigmented is clear which is probably why I am enjoying it so much. They don’t have a sticky oil feel, but are very light and actually absorb into my lips which was my main concern.


I personally recommend these for anyone who suffers with dry lips and doesn’t always want to wear a tinted balm or any lip balm. I personally have been loving the ‘Mint’ shade, ┬ábut if you are a lover of the ‘my lips but better’ look or the ‘popsicle’ style lip look, then the tinted shades would be perfect.

In Australia these lip oils retail for $33AUD and widely available from Myer stores, so always possible to swatch the shades in the range. I love the simple packaging, and the wide doe foot applicator on each of the lip oils.

Thank you for reading this brief review of these Clarin’s lip oils, like so many products I test out, I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I’ve been enjoying them. I recommend the ‘Mint’ shade if you are unsure whether or not you would enjoy the product, it’s super refreshing and that lovely minty tingle on the lips. Let me know if you have tried out these Clarins lip oils, or even if you’ve tried out any other style of lip oil’s and what you thought regarding them.



  1. I’ve been using a Sephora lip oil for the past few weeks as my lips are chapped so bad this winter but I’ll definitely be popping down to Myer this week to get my hands on the Mint one – I love a good clear gloss and this looks like it could be a new favourite!

    1. I had never tried any before, but really loving them, so comfortable on my lips, love the non-greasy feel! Thank you for reading x

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