FIRST IMPRESSIONS: PUR Cosmetics Air Perfection CC Cushion Foundation.

I haven’t done a first impressions on a product in a while, I normally opt for more researched and like to do in depth reviews of products and foundations after rigorous trailing. However, I asked on my ‘Insta Stories’ what people would prefer to see, and I received far more requests for first impressions, I think it’s because first impressions are often to honest, and give the the literal first impression of the product.


A little background on my experience with PUR cosmetics, I have found them to be a relatively new brand to the market, but one that has entered with a little bit of a bang. They have a huge social media following, and are able to create relevant products that keep up with consumer demands, remaining on trend, whilst maintaining a high quality in their products. Personally, I have tried quite a variety in their range and have been impressed by everything I’ve tried.



NAME: Air Perfection CC Cushion Foundation.

AMOUNT: 10ml – 0.6 fluid ounces. *An average liquid foundation has 30ml, so significantly less product.

SHADE RANGE: Light, Medium & Tan.

PRICE: $59AUD, which includes one full refill.

AVAILABLILITY: PURcosmetics (online), Myer (AUS), Ulta (US), Look Fantastic (UK).

My literal first impressions of this foundation was that it appeared darker in the pan than it translates to on the face, I found that it felt a little less watery than some other cushion foundations. It has minimal to no scent, and blends easily into the skin, which I recommend with a brush due to the high water content in the product.

I have been loving this cushion foundation, and have to say it’s my favourite that I’ve tried of any cushion foundation thus far. I love the coverage that I can achieve with this foundation when using a dense kabuki style brush. I have found that when used with a mattiying or longwear designed primer I can get a full day of wear out of the foundation without finding it breaking down or becoming oily on my face.


This can be worn alone as a light layer with a slight dusting of powder on top just to even out my skin tone, or I can create a slightly light-medium coverage and wear a full face for an everyday or work style look.

I’ve been loving the packaging of this cushion foundation as well, it’s quite simple and looks like a pearl. It’s clean and simple packaging that looks classic and can be easily cleaned, nothing worse than packaging that stays dirty.

Two concerns I have about the product, are some issues that I have with the majority of cushion foundations, for whatever reason cushion foundations typically have a small shade range, and less product than an average foundation. I don’t fully understand why, ┬ábut these two issues seem to be common amongst cushion foundation. While the shade does work well for myself, I do understand that is a small margin within a society full of different skin tones.

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