FAVOURITES: July 2017.

I havne’t done a favourites in a while now, which I think is a shame, because I use so many products, and so many of which are new, so I love to share them. I have a bit of an array this month of products ranging from haircare, beauty and fragrance, no skincare, that is a surprise for me.


So below are my favourites for July, some of which have been long term favourites and I felt I needed to include because I haven’t posted about a monthly favourites in a while. This assortment are all things I’ve been loving, so please let me know if you have used any of these and what your experience was.


*Calvin Klein – CK One (Limited Edition):

I only have one fragrance favourite this month, and I have been wearing this gorgeous fragrance on repeat. The packaging is stunning, which is why you may have seen it pop up in a number of my recent Instagram posts, that dripping gold is too good. This is a unisex fragrance, and the notes are Fig, Bergamot & Sage, so the combination of woody and fruity makes for a really unique blend. Pick it up ASAP because it is sadly limited edition.



*Bobbi Brown – Waterproof Brow Shaper:

This is in fact my first Bobbi Brown product, and I’m just a little infatuated with it. For the longest time I’ve had the same brow gels on rotation and was happy with them, but nothing I have can compare to this brow shaper. I was expecting a slightly crunchy feel which normally happens with waterproof brow gels, but this one is lightweight and holds my brows all day. I love the textured appearance this gives my brows, and cannot recommend it enough, regardless of the price tag.


Laura Mercier – Silk Creme Oil Free Foundation:

This foundation has been rediscovered by myself this month, I had been neglecting it previously, and I cannot believe I left it alone for so long. My skin looks so flawless in this, to the point that my aunt called me to let me know whatever I was doing was working because she thought my skin looked so fab. I love the coverage and the glow that this gives my skin, so beautiful and lasts well during winter, but I do get a little oily in this for the summer full days, so maybe save it for winter or evening wear if your skin falls into the oily category.


Tarte – Shape Tape Concealer:

This concealer has been getting more air time than almost every other product online, a part of me wanted to hate this, just to be able to give a different opinion, but I really can’t fault it. It has the most full coverage, but lightweight feel, and covers undereye circles and spots perfectly, love it. My only criticism, because it’s an Ulta exclusive, it’s not actually available in Australia because we are sans Ulta, so ordering online from Tarte is the only way, and anybody who has ordered from an American website can tell you shipping normally costs a kidney or your first born child. So Tarte lets get this gem into Sephora Australia, or even just bring Ulta stores over to the land down under.


*Bourjois – Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara:

When your best friend asks you if you’ve got false lashes on, you know that your mascara is getting the job done. I love the brittle brush on this mascara and find that is gives me a beautiful mixture of volume and length. It is such a gorgeous mixture of the two, and honestly I can’t wait for it to dry out a little because I think it will just get better with a little bit less of a liquid texture to it. Also, super black, which is my favourite in a mascara.


*Lancome – Liner Mini Maxi ’01 Noir’:

My favourite liner previously was the Maybelline HyerSharp, which has an angled tip allowing me to create a thin line or a thicker line, and this Lancome Liner is the same concept. I love that it’s super black and so easy to use for someone like myself who is truly rubbish at eye liner.


NYX – Micro Brow Pencil:

I haven’t been able to do my brows with anything other than a pencil lately, on a count of feeling like my powder just isn’t getting the job done, and my ABH dip brow pomade is dry a the desert. This Micro Pencil has been my constant favourite this month and fills in my brows perfectly, love that the pencil isn’t too waxy and doesn’t stick all my brows down to my forehead.


*Garbo & Kelly – InstaGirl Powder & Cream Contour Kit:

As many of you may have realised, I have been loving Cream Contouring, and this palette has been a love of mine recently. My favourite shades in the cream portion are ‘Barbara’ & ‘Shirley’ which are the yellow based shade and the contour shade. I have also been loving ‘Anita’ & ‘Vivien’ which are the contour shade and the blush shade. This palette is really high quality and has made me very interested in trying out more products from the brand.



*Evo – Liquid Rollers Curl Balm:

I have a full review of Evo the brand, as a previous full post, so I won’t ramble too much. This curl balm is amazing, I have wavy-curly hair naturally, but because of the length of my hair my curly hair is much more wavy than anything else. This makes my hair feel amazing, and leaves everything more defined and a lot sleeker.


*VS Sasson – Diamond Waves Curling Wand:

My previous curling wand had served me well for around 5-6 years, thats a great innings for any hair styling item, and to it’s credit, it’s still going strong. However, since then, there has been a lot of changes to hair styling products, and this one is something a little different. I was intimated by the shape of the wand, having only ever used a straight barrel, but this creates the most effortless looking waves, in no extra time, this is a huge favourite of mine this month.


So these are my favourites, and I can honestly say that these have been comfortably placed in my makeup bag for the past month, and for some, a little longer. I love each and every one of these. Please, let me know if you have had any experiences with any of these products, good or bad, I want to know!

DISCLAIMER – All products marked with a ‘*’ were gifted to me via either the brand or the PR agency representing the brand. No products mentioned were a paid sponsorship, and I have chosen of my own free will to write about them. All opinions are 100% organic, honest and my own.



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