FIRST IMPRESSIONS: NYX Cosmetics Total Control Drop Foundation.

Foundations have been coming out thick and fast lately, and I am a self confessed foundation lover and there is honestly no other makeup drop that I’m ever more excited about than the release of a new foundation. NYX has recently launched their Total Control Drop Foundation to the market, and it was one that I was very curious to get my mitts on and test out.

So when the Priceline event rolled around, and I wandered over to their booth I was so excited to see that they had samples of the new NYX foundation, and the brush that was specially designed to be used with it. I haven’t used a NYX complexion product before, aside from their primer and setting spray range. Both have impressed me to varying degree’s. Overall, I love NYX’s products, they have a lot of innovative products and always seem to be cooking up something new.

After seeing the foundation used in lots of Instagram tutorials I knew there must have been something happening with this foundation, so I did admittedly have high expectations.

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PRICE: AUS = $24.95AUSD USA = $14USD.

AMOUNT: 13ml/0.43oz.

SHADE RANGE: 24 shades.

MY SHADE: 07 – ‘Natural’ Nude With Neutral Undertones.

AVAILBILITY: Priceline (AUS), Ulta, NYX Website, Target (USA), ASOS, Cult Beauty (UK), Sephora (Singapore).


I have used the foundation only once, so I don’t have a fully formed set of opinions regarding it. However, my first impressions of the foundation are that it is really lovely. I started by creating one light layer, and it managed to mostly correct my rosacea and generally even out my skin tone to make it match my fake tan.

I built up my initial layer and created what I would consider a medium coverage all over. I only probably used two droppers of this foundation for my full medium coverage face. I had no issues with this foundation becoming thick or appearing heavy. I really enjoy this finish of the foundation, and found that my concealer and other cream products layered nicely over the top, which is essential for any foundation.

I wore the foundation for a full day of normal activities, so eating lunch, napping on the couch and just general day to day wear. I found that it had good longevity, and did not excessively accentuate my smile lines which I find some foundations do quite badly. I also found that I used an illuminating primer, and it still lasted nicely on face after a full 8 hours of general wear.

I have one big complaint with this foundation, that really irks me, and not just about this foundation, but about a lot of makeup products. There is 13ml of product, an average foundation has 30ml, meaning this foundation has less than half of an ordinary foundation is still $24.95AUSD. I think this is a real shame, if the foundation was a super pigmented full coverage style foundation I could understand it more, but it’s just your average light coverage foundation. I think it’s a little ridiculous that it costs the same as the rest of the NYX foundation range, if not more, but has less product than any of their other foundations.

So my final thoughts on the foundation are that it’s a wildly overpriced, but is really lovely. I have no issue with anything other than the price and size of the foundation. I love the finish, the application process and the way my skin looks whilst wearing it. So with all of that in mind, I recommend picking this up on sale to make it a bit easier to spend your hard earned on. Also, I love the packaging, but I feel like it might be quite difficult to get the last couple of drops out of it.

I’ve inserted a photo of me wearing the foundation below. I have not edited anything other than the brightness, contrast and saturation, whilst turning down the temperature. I have not used facetune or any other style of editing applications.





  1. I’ve seen so many mixed opinions about this foundation… I have one like this from Kiko so might have to try this one out as well 🙂

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