SKINCARE: Every Day Moisturisers.

I feel as if moisturiser is something that a lot of people who wear makeup daily, just assume it’s a night time product only. Sometimes I am personally guilty of this, I don’t always apply moisturiser before my makeup every morning, sometimes I’m in such a rush it’s either the time to apply a primer or a moisturiser. However, I find when I apply moisturiser and then allow it to absorb into my skin, then apply primer, I find that my skin looks so healthy and bright in comparison to without.


I thought I would collate my favourite moisturisers that absorb quickly, as well as not disturbing my makeup when applied underneath my daily makeup. There are a variety of price ranges included and non are tinted so suitable for any skin tone and there is something for everyone’s skin type also.

OBAGI MEDICAL – Hydrate Facial Moisturiser:

This is the most hydrating of the mentioned moisturisers, I find that this one is an amazing hydrating moisturiser. I love using this when I have no intention of wearing makeup for the day, and I think if you are a dry skin sufferer then I think this would be the perfect day time moisturiser.


NEUTROGENA – Hydro Boost Gel Cream:

I have been obsessed with gel based products rather than the cream style products, I find that gels absorb into my skin faster and feel super refreshing. This Neutrogena Hydro Boost range is gorgeous, and makes my skin feel super hydrated, and sits nicely under my makeup.


SKINSTITUT – Moisture Defence Ultra Dry:

Skinsitut has an amazing range of day time style moisturisers, I love the Ultra Dry variation, but I also have the Normal Skin variant and both are just as excellent at hydrating my skin. Obviously I do recommend the Ultra Dry for winter, or whenever your skin is needing a little extra moisture.


LA ROCHE POSAY – Effaclar Mat:

This is perfect for any oily skin makeup lovers, it is a matte finish moisturiser, so perfect for anybody who loves using moisturiser as a foundation primer. I love the finish of this foundation and the way it lightly hydrates my skin, without feeling heavy on my skin if I wear it under foundation or alone.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the post reading lighter moisturisers that I personally wear either under my makeup or alone as a great day time moisturiser. As always please let me know if you have any recommendations that you think would fit perfectly into this category, or if you’ve used any of these products, what your experience was. Thank you as always for reading!


  1. This was such a great post! I’m actually running out of my Avene moisturiser and looking for something new to try!

    I was thinking of purchasing the drunk elephant whipped moisturiser but that is quite expensive (again I do like to invest in my skin care). Otherwise, I was just reading on the Skinsitut moisturiser and that sounds really great for my skin type!

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