SKINCARE: 5 Products I’ve Been Reaching For.

Over the past three months I would say my skin has probably been the worst I can remember it. I have been pretty slack overall with my diet and skincare regime, and have had a little bit of stress, all of which create the perfect cocktail of upsetting my skin. So since realising that my skin has been a little more troublesome than usual, I have been attempting to correct the situation.

I have been relying hugely on these 5 products, and have found they have really been helping my skin survive the winter period. Sometimes it takes having bad skin periods to realise how much you value your skin at it’s good times. I know I am typically very lucky to have clear skin the majority of the time, but I think if anything this had made me a little spoiled, so trying to regain my skincare regime and general skin confidence has been very important.


Below are 5 products that I’ve been reaching for and have noticed a difference skin incorporating them into my skincare routine. These are not the only 5 products I’ve been using, but these have been somewhat the ‘hero products’ in my skincare regime.


I find that when my skin is being a little aggravating, that my natural reaction is to want to scrub the living day lights out of it, which is not helpful. Typically my skin is actually pretty prone to being over exfoliated, and I find scrubbing my skin can make my dehydrated skin even worse. So gentle cleansers are so important and I find don’t remove all the essential oils and don’t disturb my top layer of skin. This cleanser is very gentle on my skin no matter how much redness is in my skin, and leaves me feeling hydrated, whilst removing all make up with two cleanses.



Sleeping masks are a total favourite of mine, and I find they make an incredible difference to my skin when I use them, this has to be my favourite I’ve ever tried. I love the hydration I feel when I use this of an evening. My skin is hydrated and has that glow from within because it helps to correct my dehydration. Cannot recommend this enough to anyone with dry or dehydrated skin, I also love that it feels light and comfortable to sleep in.

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This face oil is so aptly named, it’s something else really. I don’t find that I notice much of a difference between most other facial oils, but this Face Hero seems to make my skin so much brighter and so intensely hydrated. I love using this in the evening with a light hydrating serum underneath and my skin has a beautiful glow by the morning. Cannot recommend this enough to anyone, with any skin type.

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I am not one who normally has many blemishes, and I honestly don’t cope well when I do have them. I am a chronic spot picker and really can’t stop myself, so this blemish treatment cream has been perfect for treating my spots in between me trying to pick them off my face!

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Lanolips have been a long time favourite of mine and my lips. If you follow my Insta stories on @faceofsjw then you will have seen how badly chapped my lips have been over the winter period. So I have been heavily relying on lip balm, and this Banana Balm from Lanolips has been a total favourite of mine lately, tastes delicious and also deeply hydrates my lips.

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These 5 products are all fabulous and I love using them all, often not together, and mostly in conjunction with other products, but I find that these 5 are really helping to correct some of my skin issues I’ve been dealing with over the past couple of months. Good skin wishes to you all, and thank you for reading! Let me know some of your ‘hero’ skincare products, always hunting for the next best thing for my skincare regime.

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