SKINCARE: Sleeping Masks.


Overnight or Sleeping masks are probably my favourite currently, they are just slap on your face, and go to bed with beautiful skin, no fuss involved. I love waking up with plump & hydrated skin. I find that my skin feels most deeply hydrated after wearing an overnight mask, rather than applying one and leaving it for 20-30 minutes.

So there is a collection of my favourites below. Majority are hydrating and one that is based on exfoliating and renewing the skin.


Lancome – Energie De Vie Nuit:

While I’m not entirely sure what the name of this mask means, I love everything else about the mask. The texture is so luxurious and thick, more of a balm texture than that of a liquid like the majority of other masks. I find that this is the easiest mask to sleep in because of the thick texture, despite the texture feeling thick when rubbed into the skin it feels like water, so lightweight. The packaging is also gorgeous, and looks lovely on my bed side table. Lancome can really do no wrong.


Aspect – Probiotic Sleep Mask:

This is the most recent addition to my collection of masks, and honestly probably one of my favourites. It makes my skin look so much brighter and I love applying a generous layer of this mask and I find that my skin feels transformed after using the mask. For best results I find that if I exfoliate and then apply this mask before sleeping then I have the best results in the morning.


Philosophy Skincare – Renewed Hope In A Jar Mask:

This was the mask that started my love for sleeping masks, it leaves my skin so hydrated and really helps to minimise my rough texture on my cheeks. I do find that this mask needs to be cleansed off my skin the next morning rather than being rubbed in. My love for Philosophy Skincare knows no bounds, and this mask was one of the products that started my appreciation for the brand.


Rodial – Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Mask:

Rodial is a much loved skincare brand world wide, while this is the only product from the brand that I have used, I understand all the love. This mask makes my skin feel so hydrated and really helps to plump my skin. I find this to be a dream around flying, applying on the flight is an amazing way to use it, or after flying, brings my skin back to life.


Nip & Fab – Dragon’s Blood Fix Plumping Mask:

Very similar to the Rodial mask above mentioned, it is an incredibly hydrating gel feeling mask, another favourite when combined with previously exfoliated skin, I find that this is perfect when my skin feels thoroughly dehydrated. Also my favourite texture has to be the Dragon’s Blood masks, this is a great affordable alternative to the more expensive options within this post.


Dermalogica – Skin Hydrating Masque:

This is a creamy hydrating mask that feels very light weight on the skin, I find that this works well as a timed mask, and is comfortable enough to sleep in. It simple feels like a light moisturiser and doesn’t have a tacky feel to the touch. Deeply hydrating and easy to apply.



Skinstitut – Enzymatic Micro Peel:

This mask is a total favourite of mine, ever since I had a Micro Peel at Skinstitut head office with this very product. I love the sleeping in this mask as I find that when I wake up just by simple cleansing my face I removed the uppermost layer of dead skin. I love that this kind of exfoliation doesn’t affect the deeper layers of my skin, but simply the top dead layer. My skin feels baby smooth after using this, and has a natural glow to it.


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