10 years ago I feel that the beauty industry was so heavily dominated by established world renowned brands that there was very little room for smaller start up brands to enter the market. Fast forward to now, and there are so many smaller brands available on the mass market, and I can’t help but think that this has so much to do with the internet. The capabilities of online shopping, reviews and social media cannot be underestimated.

So I love celebrating brands that are available to the mass market, but probably aren’t as well known as the established market leaders of the beauty industry. PUR Cosmetics is still in its infancy in comparison to so many beauty brands, but I think has so many incredible products, and a truly fantastic offering to the beauty market.

I have been loving trying more and more from PUR Cosmetics and think they have some real gems from what I have tried. Obviously there is much more to their range than just what I will discuss below, but from all that I’ve tried, there have been no misses.


PUR Cosmetics is available in Australia from Myer & in the US Ulta Beauty. Check the PUR Cosmetics website to see where they are available from in your country or area.

Prep & Perfect Correcting Primer:

This primer is a real reach for me personally because of it’s ability to increase the longevity of my base products, really enjoy this for hot Summer days that I need a little bit of extra help in maintaining my base products throughout the day.


Illuminate & Glow Correcting Primer:

If you have ever used the Laura Mercier ‘Radiance’ foundation primer, then you will know the beautiful glow that product delivers, this primer is very similar. I love the glow this gives all over my face without contain glitter or any kind of thick shimmer, it’s all very fine and gives my skin a beautiful glow from within look.


Eye Polish:

Before using these eye polishes I never really enjoyed using cream shadows, I find that most cream shadows dry down too quickly to work with them without it becoming a stressful mess. I love that these do dry down, but not overly quickly and are able to be blended before they do fully dry down. I only wish that these had some matte shades in their range because I think they would make a beautiful addition to any eye look. I do have a full review of these on my website as well, so have a scroll down to read a more detailed review of these glam cream shadows.


Strobe & Highlight Palette:

I have not put this down since I was sent it, and really think it will be a strong show in my makeup bag until I find something else that compares to it. I love using all three shades for bronzer, blush and highlighting. It is a really thin sheen on the skin and doesn’t appear glittery or overly shimmery. I find that it is so easy to use with stippling brushes and blends beautifully into the skin, I also love that I can apply it to my face after I’ve lightly powdered it. Really a game changing product for my collection and I’m constantly being told that I’m glowing, and good skin day or bad skin day, it’s probably this palette saving the day.


*My favourite product from the brand & quite possibly in my top 5 makeup products of all time.

Air Perfection CC Cushion Foundation:

Cushion foundations have been real favourites of mine lately, and I find this one is perfect for my daily makeup, when I’m off to work or even when I just want a little something on my skin. I have a full review of this foundation on the website, so check that out for a more in-depth review of the cushion foundation.


Cameo Contour Duo Ended Cream Contouring Stick:

This has been a real standout product for me personally over the past year, and has really increased my love for cream contouring. It’s the only contour stick I’ve ever really found that I love both the contouring and the highlighting shades. They are both beautifully blend able and work with my skin tone when I have no fake tan or when I have a fresh layered applied. Really beautiful on the skin and the contour shade gives such a natural chisel, shadow appearance on the skin. Love!


Volume Vixen Mascara:

This mascara isn’t the best I’ve ever used, but is really lovely as an everyday mascara that defiantly emphasises volume, over lengthening. I personally find that I normally gravitate toward a mascara that has more of a balance between the two, but this one has been getting quite the work out before I put on false lashes as it helps the base of my natural lasses look denser than they naturally are.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of a slightly smaller brand in PUR Cosmetics, they have such a unique range, and I really think are becoming a leader in more innovative beauty products created by consumer demand. Thank you for reading!

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